Mad medicine of the past

Today, doctors almost understand the structure of the human body and even know how to repair its breakdowns - not all, since there are still completely incomprehensible organs to scientists. Can you imagine how the Aesculapians of the past mocked a man? Hardly. Here is just the tip of the iceberg of strange drugs that were supposed to cure the patient from any misfortune. Spooky, to be honest!

Female hysteria

In the 19th century, the scientific community believed that the fairer sex suffered from hysteria. The ladies were treated very simply: they took them to a special doctor, who, sighing from the abundance of patients, pulled on gloves and began to do vaginal massage. This, by the way, is almost the only remedy from our list that really works. Try it yourself.

[/ center] Heroin

At the beginning of the last century, heroin was sold in American pharmacies as a cough suppressant. And it was also given to too active children - they say it helped, but how good!


The craniotomy experienced a real boom in the 40s of the XX century. Lobotomy was prescribed as a cure for depression, but it was advised to apply it to overly expressive housewives. Not a bad way to reason with your wife, isn't it?


Did you break the thermometer? Be so kind as to call a special brigade, which will collect drops of poisonous metal that have scattered throughout the house. And before, they tried to treat everything with mercury, including syphilis. Moreover, European ladies in the Middle Ages used mercury in order to give their face an aristocratic pallor.

Tapeworm tablets

Today we know that the easiest way to lose weight is with the help of competent diets and sports. But in the middle of the last century, ladies did not want sports, they wanted everything at once. Cunning Aesculapians have gotten used to selling tablets with tapeworm eggs to women of fashion. Having received a couple of servings of this "medicine", the girl lost weight very quickly. Oh, and there was a scandal when the content of the pills was revealed!


The Greeks used bloodletting in order to release excess poison from their fellow citizens. In the Middle Ages, blood was opened to both men and women, just like that, for prevention. Colds were treated with bloodletting. Headaches were treated with bloodletting. Depression? So, brother, you haven't opened your veins for a long time!

Urine therapy

It is completely unclear why people decided that urine has miraculous properties. After all, this is how toxins are removed from the body - where is the use? Nevertheless, there are still fans of this strange drug today. It is very easy to recognize them in the crowd - just sniff.