13 proofs that you are very smart, even if you don't think so

Surely you have repeatedly met people who love to praise themselves and talk about what they can do. In most cases, not very distant people behave this way. Shakespeare once said that only a fool thinks that he is smart, that smart knows that he is stupid.

And now, in confirmation of his words, experts have deduced the Dunning-Kruger effect. This is the name of the phenomenon when an intelligent person doubts his intellect.

Don't consider yourself smart? Read on below for a few proofs to the contrary and see that you are wrong.

1. You are the eldest child in the family

There have been many studies on this topic, and they all agree on one thing: older children have a small but significant advantage in IQ compared to younger siblings. Therefore, firstborns tend to be slightly more successful in life.

2. You have done music

It is a well-known fact that music lessons are very helpful for the development of a child. According to the results of one of the studies, after just a month of music lessons, children 4-6 years old showed much higher test scores, and learning was much easier for them.

Did you play the violin as a child? So that's why you are so good at thinking!

3. You have a slim figure

In 2006, experts conducted one very interesting study, as a result of which an unusual dependence was found: the more a person had a waist circumference, the lower cognitive abilities he possessed.

In other studies, 11-year-olds who scored the lowest on tests were more likely to become obese by age 40. Most likely, their smarter peers perform better in school, strive to get an education, as well as to control their lifestyle and monitor their health.

4. You were breastfed as a baby

About 3, 000 children have been studied by specialists from New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Scientists found that breastfed babies scored an average of 7 points more on intelligence tests.

However, this only applies to those who have a certain gene, which is also in the body of children who grew up without breast milk. The mechanism of interaction of this gene with breastfeeding is not yet fully understood.

5. You enjoy reading since childhood

If you are a book lover for as long as you can remember, then you are probably the owner of a sharp mind, especially if you literally like books from the cradle. In some studies, experts studied 2, 000 pairs of twins.

It turned out that the kid who had mastered reading earlier received higher scores on intelligence tests in the future. The study authors say that reading from early childhood improves verbal and non-verbal abilities.

6. You are often worried

A large body of research shows that people who worry and worry too often are smarter than others. This is probably because they think about the consequences and do their best to get the job done as well as possible.

Here you will not be able not to worry when a great responsibility falls on your shoulders.

7. You are left-handed

An interesting but so far unexplained phenomenon is that among criminals there is a fairly large percentage of left-handed people.

Recent studies have shown that left-handers tend to think divergently. It is a method of creative thinking that is used to solve problems and problems. Lefties are very resourceful and can quickly get out of various difficult situations. Isn't this an indicator of intelligence?

8. You are tall

Specialists from Princeton University conducted a study, in which it was found that tall children learn much better than their peers, and, growing up, earn more.

Therefore, straighten up and proudly walk through life, because you have something to be proud of!

9. You are not afraid to be funny

As it turned out, intelligence and a sense of humor are closely related, and after all, having a sense of humor is a very desirable quality in a person. In one study, approximately 400 students were tested for intelligence.

After the test, they were asked to come up with funny captions for frames from cartoons. Guess whose signatures are funnier?

10. You are curious

A renowned professor at the University of London Business Psychology found out that curiosity is the most important characteristic of smart people. People who are curious about a lot have an unconventional way of thinking. They are interested in constantly learning new things and developing.

11. You like the mess

Creative disorder is a long-established concept. Research suggests that it is a kind of fuel for creative people. Therefore, do not scare inspiration with a spring cleaning, it will wait.

12. You are a night owl

Surprisingly, it turned out that early birds are significantly inferior in intelligence to avid owls. The ability to work at night or to be creative was not laid in us by nature.

Therefore, scientists came to the conclusion that an intelligent person goes to bed later, because in this way he is trying to expand the existing framework of his capabilities.

13. You have a cat

In 2014, a study was conducted among 600 students, which showed that people who love dogs are more outgoing than those who love cats. However, the same "cat lovers" showed better results after testing cognitive abilities.