What will happen after death?

A person has a soul and a body. In earthly life, they are united and exist together. After the death of the body, the soul passes to the afterlife. She is able to go out of the body and in the physical world. In our time, these cases have been proven by objective science. Research universities in different countries are now studying the living conditions of the soul outside the body.

The soul needs a body for its work in the material world, but not for existence; the soul exists without a body. During dying, the soul leaves the body before death occurs.

The mechanism of the soul's exit from the human body is triggered externally, on the physical plane, this can be shown in fatal convulsions. Meanwhile, the invisible light substance, which was previously in a person's solar plexus zone, leaves the "earthly home" belonging to it. Sometimes it happens instantly. Then it is believed that the deceased had a transparent and free soul.

But often it can take a lot of time: the light and amorphous matter of the soul rises upward in the depths of the convulsing body in order to come out through the so-called "Brama Hole" - an imperceptible energy hole in the back of a person's head. Once outside the physical shell, the soul remains connected to it for some time by an energetic thread or "silver spiral". This situation is explained by people who have experienced clinical death.

According to eyewitness accounts, the first thing that happens after death is that the spirit leaves the body and lives completely separate from it. He usually observes everything that happens, including the physical body that belonged to him during his lifetime, and the efforts of doctors to revive it; he feels that he is in a position of painless warmth and airiness, as if he were swimming; he is completely unable to influence his environment by speech or touch, and from this he feels tremendous loneliness; his thought processes have traditionally become much faster than when he was in the body. Here are some of the short stories about this kind of experience:

• “The day was very cold, but while I was in this blackness, I felt only warmth and the utmost calmness that I have ever experienced ... I remember thinking, “ I must have died ”.

• “I have amazing feelings. I did not feel anything but peace, tranquility, airiness - just peace. "

• “I watched as they tried to revive me, it was really unusual. I was not very high, as if on some kind of dais, a little higher than them; just maybe looking down at them. I tried to talk to them, but none of them heard me. "

• "People were walking from all sides to the crash site ... When they got very close, I tried to dodge to get out of their way, but they simply passed through me."

• “I couldn't touch anything, I couldn't talk to anyone around me. It's an eerie feeling of loneliness, a feeling of complete isolation. I knew that I was completely alone, alone with myself. "

There is amazing objective evidence that a person is actually outside the body at this moment - sometimes people retell conversations or give exact details of events that took place even in neighboring rooms or even further away, while they were dead.

Dr. Kübler-Ross tells about one amazing case when a blind person saw and then clearly conveyed everything that happened in the room where she "died", however, when she was brought back to life, she was blind again - this convincing proof that it is not the eye that sees (and it is not the brain that thinks, because after death the mental abilities increase), but rather the soul, and while the body is alive, it performs these actions through physiological organs.

There are many examples of this kind.

• Andrey M. from Arkhangelsk recalled the car accident he got into in 2007. After the jeep, which rushed into the oncoming lane, found itself in front of his car, Andrey felt at first a powerful blow, and then a sharp, but short-lived pain. And suddenly, to his amazement, he saw his own body, surrounded by a group of doctors who were trying to revive it. Very soon Andrei felt himself beginning to be carried away somewhere upward, while he seemed to himself unusually free and calm. He soon realized that he was drawn to the milky white light burning somewhere ahead.

He raced quite a long distance until he realized that some force was trying to get him back. Realization of this in the first moment disappointed the young man, since he knew that freedom awaited him ahead of him: from vanity and excitement. And a moment later, Andrei discovered that his motionless body was quickly moving towards him. Here it, as if in a vise, squeezed him from all sides, a powerful pain pierced every cell of him, and in the next second Andrei opened his eyes.

Good, evil spirits and planes of being

First of all, if the spirit consists of psychic energy - in other words, if spirit and mind are a single whole - then it turns out that we refer to spirits that in reality is considered part of the physical world. This is material matter, no matter how imperceptible it may seem, because energy in any form combines a part of the physiological universe. We are not able to see the hydrogen atom, but, despite this, it is a physical quantity. We know its real weight.

It is obvious that the material world is considered one of the most dense worlds on the lower planes of existence and in its own impenetrability is much higher than the Astral world. If cultural spirits have every chance of descending to the lower tiers of existence, they are absolutely fit to be in the physical world. The astral bodies of the deceased can stay on the earthly plane only for a short period of time, and the spirit has the ability to descend to a lower tier and be for some time, if it so desires. This means that after the disintegration of the astral body, the immortal spirit, which is the repository of consciousness, is capable of returning to Earth if desired.

If this is so, then what is able to prevent the evil spirit from being in the material world again in order to cause pain to people? On the other hand, good spirits, apparently, also have every chance to return to Earth to help their loved ones and all of humanity in overcoming difficulties and becoming a human being. These stunning predictions are based on the stories of people who had to experience the experience of communicating with both evil and good spirit inspirers.

If the spirit inhabiting the Astral world can establish contact with our physical world, then it has the ability to influence our thoughts and actions. And such an impact can be both positive and negative, depending on the level of formation of a certain spirit. For this reason, many of the church and mystical schools teach that at the moment of making a meaningful decision, we need to make sure that it is only our decision that coincides with our personal convictions. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid impulsive actions that may be dictated by the opposition of otherworldly entities.

So, based on the studied academic evidence and the paranormal, we can draw the following conclusions.

It is possible that after the death of a person, the instincts and emotions that make up his astral body continue to exist for some time along with memories and basic personality traits. Over time, this astral body gradually collapses. Meanwhile, a conscious person, or ego, called spirit, rests for some time in the Astral world, and then moves to the corresponding mental or Astral plane, depending on the level of its development.

There the spirit lives, works, sometimes creating works of art, similar to those that he created during his life in the physical world. Sometimes these works appear in the physical world thanks to people who become objects of direct influence from the spirit.

In the astral world, life seems as real as on the earthly plane, because any physical or spiritual being identifies itself with the plane on which it dwells. Since the matter of each plane corresponds to the vibrations of the beings on it, they perceive this plane as a true reality.

The mysterious and incomprehensible astral world is revealed to us in all its splendor in dreams. This is why the phantasmagoric world of dreams seems so real when we sleep. We simply travel with the help of our subtle body in the astral world, to which our spirit belongs. In a state of sleep, we move between the sub-planes of the astral world, experiencing joyful or frightening experiences. Only lucid dreams help us understand that we are sleeping and are able to modify the circumstances or events of the astral world at our own will.

According to ancient teachings, the life of the spirit in the astral world is real life, while life on the physical plane is only a theater, training, a temporary state, a kind of journey into which the spirit goes for a certain period of time, at the end of which it returns to its home. to the astral world.

Meetings on the other side

Those who have visited the other world often say that they met there with deceased relatives, friends and friends. As a rule, people see those with whom they were close in earthly life or were related.

Such visions cannot be considered a law, rather, these are deviations from it, which do not occur very often. Usually, such meetings serve as an edification to those who are still too early to die and who need to return to earth and change their own lives.

Sometimes people see what they would like to see. Christians are watching angels, the Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ, saints. Non-religious people see some temples, people in white, and sometimes they do not notice anything, but they feel “presence”.

According to the stories of some people, during their near-death experiences, they passed through a dark tunnel, at the end of which they met an angel or Christ himself. On other occasions, they would meet deceased friends and relatives to escort them to the spirit's new home. This habitat is located in the astral world, woven from electromagnetic vibrations of various densities and magnitudes. After death, each spirit is on a certain energetic level of existence, which coincides with the level of its development and vibrations. After death, the soul remains in its original state of loneliness for a very short time.

Raymond Moody, the author of the well-known book entitled "Life After Life", cites several facts when, even before death, people unexpectedly saw already deceased relatives and friends. Here are some excerpts from his book.

• “The doctor told my family that I had died ... I realized that all these people were there, there were many of them, they were floating under the ceiling of the room. These are the people I knew in earthly life, but they died earlier. I saw my grandmother and the girl I knew as a student, and many other relatives and friends ... It was a very joyful phenomenon, and I felt that they had come to protect and see me off. "

This experience of meeting with departed friends and family at the onset of clinical death is not considered an all-time discovery these days. Almost a century ago, he became the subject of a small dissertation by the pioneer of modern parapsychology and psychological research, Sir William Barrett ("Deathbed Visions").

Dr. Moody gives an example of a dying person meeting not with relatives or an exalted being, but with a completely outsider: “One lady told me that when she left the body, she observed not only her own pure spiritual body, but also the body of another person who had died completely shortly. She did not know who it was. " ("Life After Life").

As we delve deeper into this study of the experience of the perishing and of death itself, we must remember about the considerable difference between the general experience of the perishing, something that now attracts such tremendous attention. This can help us better understand the many mysterious aspects of death, which are tracked in real time and depicted in the literature. Awareness of this difference, for example, can help us identify the phenomena that the perishing observe. Do relatives and friends come from the realm of the dead to come to the dying man? And do these acts themselves differ from the last appearances of holy righteous people?

To answer these questions, recall that doctors Osis and Haraldson report that many perishing Hindus observe the gods of the close Hindu pantheon (Krishna, Shiva, Kali, etc.), and not close relatives and friends, as is usually the case.

They believe that the assimilation of the beings with which the meeting takes place is generally considered the result of personal interpretation based on ecclesiastical, civilized and private premises; this opinion seems reasonable and appropriate for the majority of cases.

Having expounded the Orthodox teaching based on Holy Scripture that "the souls of the dead are in a place where they do not see what is happening and is happening in this mortal life, " and his own opinion that the cases of the seeming phenomena of the dead are usually alive or "the work of the Angels", or "evil visions" induced by demons, for example, in order to create in people a false idea of ​​the afterlife, blessed Augustine goes on to distinguish between the apparent appearances of the dead and the true appearances of saints.

Indeed, let's take one example. The holy fathers of the recent past, such as the elder Ambrose of Optina, teach that the beings with whom they communicate at spiritualistic seances are demons, and not the souls of the dead; and those who deeply studied spiritualistic phenomena, if they had at least some Christian standards for their judgments, came to the same conclusions.

Therefore, there is no doubt that the saints are in fact righteous at the time of death, as described in many lives. Ordinary sinners often experience the appearance of relatives, friends, or "gods" according to what the dying expect or are ready to see.

The exact nature of these latter phenomena is difficult to determine; these are, without a doubt, not hallucinations, but part of the natural experience of death, as it were, a sign to the dying man that he is on the threshold of a new kingdom, where the laws of everyday physical reality are no longer valid. There is nothing extraordinary in this state, it seems to be unchanged for different times, places, religions. "Meeting others" usually occurs just before death. "