Why donations are not given

How often do we receive absolutely unnecessary things as a gift, which then gather dust in the closets for years. Very often there is a desire to donate a gift, but morality and public opinion do not allow us to do this, because as they say - “gifts are not gifts”! But why did such an attitude take shape? You need to understand that a person, buying a gift for you, has put a piece of his soul into it, wishing to please you. This must be respected! On the other hand, a gift can already be donated, and by redirecting it again and again, it can return to the starting point, and the person who once acquired it for someone else will receive it back. Agree, the situation is not pleasant, especially if you complete this circle!

According to statistics, more than half of the gifts are donated, and women do this much more often than men.

In our country, the issue of giving gifts is very acute, but in many countries this problem has long been sorted out! For example, in the USA and a number of European countries, all gifts are given along with a check. This allows you to return an unnecessary item to the store, where you will be quickly returned either cash, or replaced with the desired item, with the same cost. If the check is not included, then the gift can be sold at any of the many auctions. Unfortunately, these options are not yet available for us, or are available, but very partially.

It turns out that many gifts are doomed to gather dust in the far corner of the house? No, there are two ways out of a difficult situation:

1. Always give the right things, then you will be treated accordingly. Take care of the gifts in advance, listen carefully to the wishes of your friends and family, then it will not be difficult for you to guess with the gift.

2. Competently and very carefully hand over the gift.

Believe it or not, there is a whole mini science of gift giving. This is what experts advise us. First of all, a gift should not be re-donated just for the sake of a tick. Transfer an unnecessary item only if the new owner really needs it.

Now carefully analyze the person who gave you the gift, and the one to whom you are going to redistribute it. The main thing is that these people do not communicate, and your "fraud" is not disclosed.

Before donating a gift, carefully examine it for congratulatory inscriptions, postcards and be sure to replace the packaging. Be sure to re-present any gift, add something of your own to it. These can be candies, postcards, soft cards, and so on. Spend some money on beautiful packaging.