7 things that color a woman better than any makeup

Many women believe that the key to their beauty lies in their cosmetic bag.

There are a million reasons why women think that way: they are judged by their appearance, pop culture and the media support this point of view, which is why the cosmetics business makes huge money from their wonderful products.

However, the truth is, beauty is not about lipstick, mascara and blush. There are things that a woman can make a lasting impression on that cannot be compared to any makeup.

What makes a woman beautiful

1. Her hobbies

A woman without hobbies is a boring woman. Sometimes life is like a huge truck, ready to crush each of us at any moment. It is very difficult for a woman to slow down the pace of her life and take the time to do things that bring her joy.

When she neglects the realization of the activity that ignites her, the existence of a woman becomes empty.

A woman who spends time on something that gives her pleasure realizes that life is too valuable a thing to constantly rush somewhere without joy. A woman who uses everything that life offers her to the maximum, and not only lives for the sake of her relationship and partner, this is the person who is admired by those around her.

Why? Because passion is contagious. Watching someone about to achieve their dream is a fascinating and beautiful experience.

2. Her compassion

A heartless woman loves herself, but who loves her? Think about it. If a woman is not able to feel others, then who will feel her?

Compassion directed at a mother, partner, colleague, mentor, friend is what keeps people together. Many women today are typical narcissists, but most men do not find narcissism and self-centeredness attractive.

In fact, if a woman loves herself more than she is capable of loving another, the only beauty she can boast of is her looks. A woman who knows how to achieve harmony between giving and receiving love is much more "in demand" than a woman who has nothing to give.

3. Her mind

In our society, there is still a myth that a beautiful woman has nothing to show except beauty. Basically, this stereotypical thinking condemns a woman twice, because an intelligent woman cannot be beautiful.

This is a lose-lose scenario. If a woman looks too attractive, then nothing happens in her head, but if she is fond of reading, then automatically she cannot be a beauty. This is the myth.

A woman who does not devote time to developing her intellect is like a writer who never reads books.

Neglecting your intellect is like saying, "I don't need to understand the world, I want the world to understand me." But life doesn't work that way. The pursuit of knowledge is not only tempting, but also very important for human existence.

Knowledge is opportunity, and opportunity is the path to a better life.

4. Her cheerful spirit

Have you ever tried to have fun with someone who is constantly moping? It is unlikely that you will succeed, because few people like such people. This does not mean that a woman has to walk with a pasted smile all the time.

A woman will definitely know in her life what disappointment is. The point is, having a passion for adventure and appreciation for everything life has to offer are more attractive things than relentless routines and taking life for granted.

If a woman is not able to relax in order to spontaneously walk with a child or sing her favorite song in the shower, then who wants to walk with her through life? Her child will not even dare to ask for a walk, and her husband will not want to sneak up and hug her in the bathroom.

5. Her Tenacity

Nothing is more attractive than a woman who refuses to give up. Persistence is inspiring, whether it's career, marriage, physical health, etc. The world loves fighters.

Just don't get it wrong. This is not a call to arms or a feminist mantra. Fighting over what to eat for dinner, or what movie to watch after it, is just not pretty. Leave that to the little girl.

A woman's tenacity lies in her unwillingness to let her life take its course. It is about the belief that life will not win her until she wants to be defeated. Accepting the best and the worst equally calmly is supremely beautiful. Whatever the result, it is important to behave with dignity.

6. Her confidence [/ b]

There is a very fine line between confidence and overconfidence. Overconfidence is when a woman deliberately describes herself in such a way that others have no choice but to congratulate her on such "achievements."

However, seeking praise in order to please your ego is not just ugly, it is terrible. Confidence is not a desire to be noticed by others in anticipation of a positive assessment of how well we speak, think, or act.

Confidence is a woman's inner state of how she speaks, looks, or acts. A woman who does not need the approval of the people around her to feel this pride is infinitely more attractive than one who constantly seeks the approval of others.

[b] 7. Her energy

Finally, it's time to talk about the most important quality of a woman, which certainly influences all of the above. This is her energy. A woman who feels an extraordinary thirst for life wants to be carried in her arms.

When a woman has her hobbies, develops intelligence, maintains a passion for adventure, refuses to give up and is proud of herself, then her energy will give a spark to everyone around her, and life will always boil around her.