Five scenarios for the alien conquest of Earth

Five scenarios of the alien conquest of the Earth, which science fiction writers do not like to write about!

1. Military and Trade

Aliens secretly establish contact with the government of one of the earthly states. They offer him a weapon that provides superiority over anyone existing on Earth, but, naturally, inferior to their own. For a fee with valuable resources, or in the form of a military alliance - they say, we are here waging a war in space, and as an ally we need a strong single highly developed planet, and not the mess that you have. Stick with us, you will eat meat. It is advisable to choose a weapon for delivery that does not pollute the planet.

As soon as the beneficent ones enter the war with other states, the enemy is also offered high-tech weapons. It is possible on behalf of another alien race: they say, we do not want the Earth to be for our enemies, beat the traitors and be free. Or for a fee, nothing personal, just business. As the conflict develops, the parties are supplied with increasingly tough wunderwaals at a higher price, and so on until complete mutual extermination.

2. Economic

Aliens, having arrived, establish friendly relations with earthlings and offer mutually beneficial trade. If their civilization is capable of moving among the stars, then they are ahead of us, at least by several technological orders and tens of generations of technology. They offer us high-tech consumer goods that are 30 years ahead of the level of development of earthly science and technology. That is, they do not give earthlings technological superiority.

If suddenly we manage to reproduce production technologies, the products of generation + are thrown onto the market. They take it inexpensively - the same as the cost of earthly "analogues", so that one cannot accuse them of dumping. They accept in payment our money, which is invested in the purchase of land and deposits of raw materials. All taxes and duties are paid regularly. Additionally, they offer transport services - from space tourism for the wealthy to cheap cargo transportation within the Earth, as well as the delivery of raw materials that are scarce on Earth from other planets.

Part of the industries to ensure the loyalty of local governments may even be located on Earth, they employ local workers who perform the simplest operations, even those that could be performed automatically. Earthlings are happy, there are no reasonable reasons for refusal - if any state starts to act, it is declared an embargo.

After several decades of such cooperation, not only the main part of the earth's industry dies - it makes no sense to invest in it, both in light and heavy, since earthly machines or ships with trains are not needed by anyone, but earthlings are losing the ability to produce even what they used to be able to do. ... There is no point in studying to be an engineer or scientist - there is still no work. At this stage, the aliens already have pocket governments and pocket armies, which begin to reduce the excess eaters, to the extent of minimizing the population of the Earth.

3. Swindling

Aliens arrive, conduct a cultural exchange for some time, rub into trust, demonstrate a high level of science and technology, some of them are simply given, but without fanaticism, explaining restraint by risks of unbalancing the development of civilization. They admire the earthly culture, take the leaders of states and the cultural elite to visit them, show how well they live, admire the wisdom of earthly scientists and politicians, applaud the concerts of earthly musicians.

Then it is reported that their science has discovered that the Sun will soon - in the future of several years, explode. They express their readiness to take out to a safe planet free of charge and save a part of the Earth's population of our choice - even children, even great scientists with athletes, even unfortunate people with Down syndrome, and some of those whom they decide for themselves.

In parallel, "representatives of the third force" secretly appear on Earth - supposedly of a different race of aliens, or, not so disinterested fellow citizens of the former. They are ready to take out additionally those who can pay dearly for tickets. Non-ferrous and radioactive metals and their deposits are accepted for payment - with their technologies, you can quickly extract.

On Earth, panic begins, a fight over resources for which you can buy a ticket, anarchy on the eve of the inevitable end. The elite, which could establish order, are not up to it, every man for himself. If someone resists and is not fooled even by a free ticket, others will eliminate him for the same ticket. After a couple of years, the Earth was thrown back into barbarism, the elite were taken out and sold into slavery / for organs / for meat, nuclear warheads and aircraft were scrapped, new owners dictate their terms to the rest.

4. Conspiracy the

Aliens secretly take out a part of promising earthlings to them, show them their prosperous society and explain that the exported ones are in fact the descendants of representatives of their race who were accidentally stuck on Earth. There shouldn't be any problems convincingly depicting humanoids in stationary conditions for representatives of such a race, even imagine humanoid robots to earthlings, even use hypnosis with drugs. They give you a place to live, to taste the delights.

After that, the guests are announced that humanity is dangerous to peace in the Universe, and it must be destroyed, but the galactic UN does not order this to be done by the forces of an external invasion, it is necessary to persuade it to the correct path of development. Those treated as familiar with local specifics are thrown back to Earth, well prepared, with the task of infiltrating key positions and preparing the capture process. It's like a link, but with the ability to cut off the deadline with faithful service and get a hearty ration for completing the assignment.

Zaslantsev are supported financially and informationally, they advise what to say, whom to rely on, etc. To simplify the seizure of power and the development of chaos, you can tell the rest of the Earth's population about the fact that they have alien agents, and give some false signs to expose agents, like a certain chromosome set. As a result, after a few decades, the finances, governments and armies of the Earth are led by people who are convinced that they are representatives of a different race, the invasion of which they in their posts do in every possible way, agreeing to any unequal treaties and blocking resistance.

5. Theological-sadistic

Aliens arrive and hang their ships in the distant orbits of the Earth, where they are practically inaccessible to Earth weapons. They do not make contact, perhaps even remain invisible to us. Sometimes, quite spontaneously, point strikes are made, the logic of which is impossible to understand.

They will take and destroy some large city. They will drop a virus that is rooting a certain plant or animal species, but does not touch others. That will incinerate the temples of one particular religion. They will begin to methodically shoot planes and ships in a certain area of ​​the Earth. Destroy all weather satellites. The institutes of sociology will be bombed. They will burn out a piece of deep taiga, etc.

Not only will the global economic system not be able to withstand such unpredictable risks, since volatility in the markets is already tens of percent every day, and insurance premiums have skyrocketed, but also psychologically earthlings are broken. The Domocles sword constantly hanging over his head, the blows of which cannot be predicted, provokes mass psychosis, the emergence of totalitarian sects, group suicides and pogroms.

When the aliens finally decide to make contact, the society that has fallen into anarchy will willingly obey them, happily accepting the version that the gods have descended to it. The will to resist will be broken, humanity will fulfill any, even the most idiotic requirements. The land will be conquered without much destruction and sacrifice, but with a huge number of lulz for the invaders.

Shl. We personally don't believe in alien invasion. Why would a race capable of navigating a galaxy with a huge number of unoccupied planets need ours? It's easier to convert any other to your needs. I was simply amused by the fact that our science fiction writers represent an alien invasion in the most rude and primitive forms, associated with the destruction of the object of capture and the risk for the invaders themselves. As if the aliens are more stupid than us and will not think of softer and safer forms of conquest, which we ourselves have long mastered, and with the help of which the largest country in the world was recently destroyed.