Stunning, fantastic and unique synonyms

For some words of the Russian language, you can pick up hundreds of similar expressions, but for some reason in everyday communication we hardly use even a tiny part of them. Hence - annoying repetitions and all kinds of speech cliches.

big - great, imposing, gigantic, huge, huge, significant, large.

important - significant, significant, main, great, serious, significant.

thing - an object, an object, a thing, a contraption, a fig.

tasty - appetizing, tasty, tasty, juicy, savory.

in general - in general, in general, in principle, in total, by and large, in fact.

kind - glorious, humane, sincere, warm-hearted, affectionate, gentle, merciful.

annoying - regrettable, pitiful, unpleasant, offensive, regrettable.

think - think, count, believe, think, decide, comprehend.

snide - poisonous, mocking, ironic, prickly, spiteful.

evil - angry, formidable, irritable, fierce, ferocious, angry.

ideal is a sample, standard, perfection, absolute, the crown of creation, the height of perfection.

idea - thought, concept, guess, opinion, consideration, judgment, presentation.

interesting - curious, entertaining, amusing, exciting, exciting.

sincere - sincere, ingenuous, honest, frank, truthful.

of course - of course, of course, indisputable, unconditionally, naturally, undoubtedly.

by the way - by the way, by the way, by the way, on occasion, appropriate, incidentally.

a loser is a loser, an outsider, a poor fellow, a wretched person, a sufferer.

small - tiny, small, inconspicuous, small, modest, insignificant.

little - little, not enough, dissatisfied, poor, scarce.

cute - cute, pleasant, amiable, endearing, charming.

a lot - a lot, full, full, darkness, a lot, a heap, an abyss, a legion, a lot, an abundance.

possible - permitted, not prohibited, not prohibited, permitted, permitted.

for example - say, in particular, for example, namely, so, take though.

but - however, nevertheless, but, and still, all the same.

news - news, news, novelty, statement, innovation.

necessary - necessary, necessary, should, should, worth, should.

offensive - offensive, caustic, caustic, humiliating, angry, stinging, harsh.

awesome - stunning, amazing, awesome, delicious, mind-blowing, gorgeous.

very - very, extremely, boundless, utterly, incredibly, hellishly, extremely.

bad - bad, bad, poor quality, nasty, worthless, trashy.

understand - comprehend, comprehend, think, grasp the essence, perceive.

because - because, because, because, because, because, because.

present - offer, present, recommend, demonstrate, present.

problem - difficulty, complexity, task, obstacle, obstacle, snag.

to happen - to happen, to happen, to happen, to happen, to happen, to come true.

result - consequence, result, outcome, fruit, creation, labor, trace.

situation - state, situation, circumstances, conditions, position.

to say - to speak, to speak, to report, to state, to tell, to blurt out, to freeze.

funny - funny, comic, curious, hilarious, amusing, witty.

look - look, stare, stare, stare, study, stare.

absolutely - completely, completely, absolutely, by no means, decisively, completely, completely.

create - manufacture, design, craft, generate, generate, develop.

means - a technique, method, method, way, tactics.

scary - creepy, terrible, sinister, heartbreaking, threatening, dangerous.

talented - masterful, gifted, brilliant, gifted, capable.

topic - task, problem, dilemma, subject of discussion, question, leitmotif, topic.

also - also, in the same way as and, as well as.

difficult - not easy, hard, difficult, burdensome, difficult, tight.

unique - unrepeatable, inimitable, unsurpassed, unique, exceptional, extraordinary, phenomenal.

film - a picture, a tape, a film strip, a motion picture, a movie.

good - fit, commendable, benign, kind, fit, glorious.

want - hunger, lust, desire, plan, please, have an intention.