Quotes and rules of life by Bruce Willis

Quotes and rules of life by Bruce Willis. For those who do not know what this guy is - a short explanation:

Bruce Willis, née Walter Bruce Willis (born Walter Bruce Willis, March 19, 1955, Idar-Oberstein, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany) is an American film actor, producer and musician of German descent. One of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. He is best known for his role as police officer John McClane in the Die Hard film series, as well as such films as Pulp Fiction (1994), 12 Monkeys (1995), The Fifth Element (1997), Armageddon (1998 ), "The Sixth Sense" (1999).

Now the actor quotes themselves:

Hair loss, baldness is the Lord's way of reminding me that I am a man, not a monkey.

MY MORNING IS SPINACH AND EGGS, but first of all the eggs.

EVERYBODY WRITES ABOUT ME as if they know everything about me, and even what I don't know about myself. And that suits me, but in some articles I look like a real king of fart.

I HAVE REALIZED THAT JUST WON'T GET WITH MYSELF if I start using Twitter. I even said to myself: the madness begins with twitter.

PROBABLY THERE ARE ONLY TWO OR THREE COUNTRIES LEFT IN THE WORLD, where I could come and remain unrecognized. This is how famous I am now. Fucking super-mother-her-star.

IT'S ALWAYS THOUGHT TO ME that the best thing I can do in my life is between forty and sixty. So it seems to have happened.

SIXTY is just a variation of fifty, and fifty is almost the same as forty.

EVERYONE - IT DOESN'T MATTER HIM YEARS OLD - somewhere inside he feels like he is 24 years old.

I NEVER REGRET ANYTHING. It often happens that what you regret now eventually leads you to something great.

It seems that my career has finally come to a long-awaited moment when I no longer need to portray the dude saving the world. I'm sick of running around in front of the camera with a gun in hand.

Strong Nut is one of my all-time favorite films, although I use too much foul language on it. But this is because at that moment I had just come to the cinema from television, where swearing was prohibited, and, finally, I felt free. When the film was released, my aunt called me and said: "I liked your picture, my boy, but why do you swear like that?"

SEQUEL? I came into this business long before they came up with this stupid word. We used to just say, "Let's do another one."

GENRE ACTION HIMSELF DRIVEN IN A CORNER. Viewers want variety, but we just ran out of villains. There were terrorists, there were gangsters, there were even aliens. Now what? Everything has been tried.

IN MOVIES, EVERYTHING IS SO SIMPLE: put on a white cowboy hat - and you are a hero.

EARLIER ART IMITATED LIFE. Today, life is increasingly imitating art.

I DON'T LIKE OUR WORLD. Everything in it is arranged through the ass, but it could have been much wiser.

YOU CANNOT CANCEL THE PAST. But you don't have to repeat it.

I'M TIRED OF ANSWERING POLICY QUESTIONS. I just want the government to have fewer superfluous people. I want the government to interfere less in life. I want them to stop screwing up your money and mine. And I want all these fucking lobbyists to get out of Washington. But I'm apolitical. So write it down. And I'm not a Republican.

MY COUNTRY IS BASED ON CRUELTY. As soon as we arrived here, we immediately said to the Indians: “So, guys, we have bad news for you, there is worse news and there is really bad news. The bad news is that we are already here. The worse news is that we're not going anywhere from here. And the really bad news is that we'll take all of your land - every fucking piece you guys have - and in return give you a stamp-sized piece of desert. But as soon as we find oil there, we will take this land away from you, and we will allocate a site the size of half a mark somewhere in Arizona and scatter blankets infected with smallpox across the desert so that you all die to hell. ” And if it's not cruelty, then what the hell is it?

EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE THE RIGHT TO CARRY A WEAPON. If you take a weapon from law-abiding citizens, it will only remain with the psychos.

EVEN THE MOST INNECESSED PATICIFIST WILL FIGHT FOR HIS LIFE if someone tries to kill him. When it comes to your life, you don't care about beliefs. And if you don't have a weapon, you will fight back with a stone or grab a chair. Or maybe I just watch the films in which I played too often?

I DON'T LIKE WHEN PEOPLE SAY: “What, a new movie with Bruce Willis? Is the dude going to save the world again? "

I AM FROM SOUTH JERSEY, so I always felt a lot in common with ordinary people.

It so happened that I live in LOS ANGELES, and this is the most polluted city on Earth. They say that if your child grows up in Los Angeles, it's like smoking a pack of one and a half a day. The air here is so dirty that you can get dirty on it.

I FOR THE FIRST TIME THOUGHT ABOUT THAT I was mortal when my first daughter was born.

EARNED how very young children sometimes literally suppress the desire to speak? This is a good lesson for all of us: you only learn something when you are silent and listen.

THE LORD IS SNOW AROUND, buds in the trees, the birth of a child. This is what my Lord is.

NOT SURE THAT MY OPINION IS AT LEAST WORTH SOMETHING - I'm an actor. Why do actors even think their opinions matter? Have you heard anything sensible from the actors over the past six months?

I CAN'T LIKELY REMEMBER what happened last week, so it is completely pointless to ask me what happened a year ago.

I was ALWAYS deadlocked by the question of what it is like to be a multimillionaire.

I DO NOT SCREAM AT EVERY CORNER that I am a celebrity and that my wife and I are so rich. I change the diapers myself. I'm wiping up the shit behind the dogs!

MONEY IS DEPRATED, but it just so happens that everyone needs it.

IN LIFE I NEED SO MUCH MONEY so that I can go anywhere and allow myself to dine there.

LOVE BLUEBERRY PIES. This is a very manly food.

DO YOU KNOW WHAT I REGRET? Yesterday, right here, on the table, on that platter, lay pears. Five or six great pears. And today they are not.

I'M HAPPY. And you?

LIFE IS NOT A MOVIE. There will be no duplicates.