Proverbs and sayings in scientific language

Proverbs and sayings in scientific language, for especially smart ones)

"The dualistic principle of the use of agricultural implements on the hydrosurface" (Pitchfork on the water is written)

"The binary nature of the statements of an individual who has lost social activity" (Grandmother said in two)

"Problems of transporting liquids in vessels with variable density structure" (Carry water in a sieve)

"Optimization of the dynamics of the work of a traction vehicle, coupled with the elimination of an initially destructive transport unit" (Baba with a cart - it is easier for a mare)

"Non-standard methods of treating scoliosis by sending funeral services" (humpbacked grave will fix)

"Problems of increasing the fine dispersion of diatomic hydrogen oxide mechanically" (crush water in a mortar)

"The positive impact of a low IQ on an increase in the set of tasks in the process of carrying out labor activities" (loves the work of fools)

"Solipsism of poultry in relation to non-ruminant mammals of the order of artiodactyls" (the goose is not a pig's friend)

"Typical external signs as a reason for usurpation of the most favorable social status in the market" (with a pig's snout and in a row)

"Anthropomorphic approach to the creation of a marriage cell" (to whom and a mare's bride)

"The syndrome of refusal of legitimization, based on the lack of opportunities for quick identification of the individual" (I am not me, and the horse is not mine)

"The influence of seasonal weather conditions on the accounting process of birds" (chickens are counted in autumn)

"The ambivalent nature of neural impulses emitted by the cerebral cortex" (and wants to, and pricks)

"Regularities of the ratio of the length of the keratinized epidermis to the amount of gray matter in the cranium" (hair is long, but the mind is short)

"A kind of legal act prevailing over foreign exchange funds" (agreement is more expensive than money)

"Inadmissibility of using typical elements of housing architecture while denying the culminating manifestation of contemplative-tactile emotions" (love is not a potato, you cannot throw it out the window)

"Neutrality of taste characteristics of a cruciferous plant in relation to vegetable crops of central Russia" (horseradish radish is not sweeter)

"Antithetical properties of mentally handicapped subjects in the context of the implementation of state regulations" (the law is not written for fools)

"Lack of progress-regression in the body's metabolism when the ratio of fats and carbohydrates changes in a traditional dish of sedentary peoples" (you cannot spoil porridge with butter)

"The place of insects in hierarchical systems of the pyramidal type" (every cricket know your six)

"The regularity of the increase in the personal value of the subject after receiving a traumatic experience" (for one beaten, two unbeaten give)