Why are modern relationships so fragile?

Modern relationships have become like opportunism, where comfort is the top priority. We can be with a person as long as harmony and love reign in the relationship. As soon as the euphoria is replaced by disagreements and quarrels, we begin to look for a replacement. Each couple faces a variety of challenges.

1. We are not sufficiently prepared.

Often we are not ready to compromise, sacrifice ourselves and love just like that, without any conditions. We don't want to wait, we need everything at once. We ourselves do not allow our feelings to grow, driving them into the time frame.

2. We confuse love with other feelings.

We want to meet someone who goes with us to a movie or a nightclub, not someone who will understand and support in moments of deepest sadness. We do not like living boring, so we are looking for a fun companion who can turn our life into an adventure. However, we are not always ready for the changes that inevitably come after a period of falling in love and mutual sympathy.

3. We are immersed in everyday life.

Over time, we do not have time and space for love, as we are too busy pursuing material goods.

4. We expect immediate results.

When we just fall in love, we already want to see a relationship with our companion mature, although this maturity, like mutual understanding, comes over the years. Most modern people believe that absolutely nothing in this life is worth their time and patience, not even love.

5. We love to trade.

Many of us would rather spend one hour with a hundred different people than a day with one. In today's world, there is an opinion that it is much better to meet people than to get to know them. We are greedy, and we want everything at once. We enter into relationships and end them as soon as we have a better "option." We do not give all the best to the person, but we want him to be perfect. We meet with many, but we give a chance to a few.

6. We have become addicted to technology.

Technology brought us closer to the point that it became difficult to breathe. Live communication changed texts, voice messages, chats and video calls. We don't have to spend time together anymore. We already know a lot about each other. We have nothing to discuss.

7. We cannot sit in one place.

We believe that we are not made for a relationship, and even the thought that we should settle down causes fear. We no longer associate our lives with one person and avoid permanence.

8. We have become "sexually free."

The current generation has begun to separate sex from love. First, people have sex and only then decide whether they are suitable for each other. Today, sex outside of marriage has become the norm, and the concepts of "free relationship", "sex for friends", "sex for one night" have become firmly established in modern everyday life.

9. We have become too often relying on logic.

Few of the modern generation are able to love with all their heart, overcoming the difficulties associated with time and distance.

10. We are afraid of many things.

We are afraid of new relationships, disappointments, mental wounds and a broken heart, therefore we do not allow many people to enter our lives, fencing it with invisible walls, beyond which we ourselves sometimes cannot go out.

11. We no longer value relationships.

It costs us nothing to let go of the person who loves us. We are too frustrated with those around us.