Funny Ukrainian words and phrases

Funny Ukrainian words and phrases, we smile and share with friends.

Flash lighter

Butterfly - zalupivka

Elevator - interfloor wire

Koschei is immortal - an immortal cover

Sexual maniac - a little thief

The mirror is a peephole

Kinder-surprise - egg-hope

Juicer - juicer

Gynecology - vaginal science

Midwife - umbilical cord

Masturbator - tsyutsyurkovy thief

Nurse - stritkalkaUkol - zashtrik

The teapot is a pisyunets

Chair-chair TV - tank

Corkscrew - corkscrew

Condom - rubber natsyutsyurnik

Gearbox - gearbox Umbrella - split

Gorynych snake is a fire snake

Onions - onions

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