PAK-TA - next generation heavy transport aircraft project

PAK-TA is a next generation heavy transport aircraft capable of reaching any point in 7 hours.

According to the plans of the Military-Industrial Commission under the Russian government, by 2024 the Russian army should receive 80 units of new heavy transport aircraft PAK-TA (Advanced Aviation Transport Aviation Complex), which, flying at hypersonic speeds, will be able to reach anywhere in the world in about seven hours ... According to the declared specification, the PAK-TA aircraft will be able to fly at speeds up to 2000 kilometers per hour, have a flight range of up to 7 thousand kilometers and lift cargo weighing up to 200 tons into the air. A fleet of such transport aircraft will be able, if necessary, to carry out a quick transfer of an "armored fist" of 400 ultra-modern Armata tanks with a full ammunition load and with all accompanying services.

The main task of the PAK-TA transporters will be the transportation of military equipment of various types, including not only Armata tanks, but also self-propelled artillery guns, anti-aircraft missile systems, tactical missile launchers, multiple launch rocket systems and anti-tank combat vehicles of the Sprut-SD type. The PAK-TA aircraft will have a multi-level deck equipped with an automatic loading and unloading system, in addition, they will be able to drop any equipment and soldiers of the airborne troops by parachute.

According to the available information, work within the PAK-TA project has been underway for several years. And the current technical specifications are already fundamentally different from the specifications adopted at the very beginning of this project. According to the first specifications, next-generation transport aircraft were supposed to be able to fly at a speed of 900 kilometers per hour, while having a "moderate" flight range of 4.5 thousand kilometers.

Within the framework of the PAK-TA program, not only a transport aircraft will be developed, which can no doubt be called a monster, and the closest relative of which is the Burana carrier An-225 Mriya, capable of lifting 225 tons of cargo into the air. Within the framework of this program, a number of aircraft with a carrying capacity of 80 to 200 tons will be developed, which will gradually replace all existing transport aircraft manufactured by the Antonov and Ilyushin Design Bureau.

Military cargo transport aircraft PAK-TA, the fastest will be developed by the specialists of the Ilyushin Aviation Complex, Moscow, and the basis for the new project may in this case be the project of the Il-106 aircraft, with a carrying capacity of 80 tons, which won the government tender at the end 1980s, but which was abandoned after the collapse of the Soviet Union.