Top 15 Acne Causing Products From Top-Choice

Acne is a problem familiar to many from adolescence. The reasons for their appearance have long been established and known: hormonal imbalance, excessive fat secretion of the sebaceous glands, bacteria. Do you regularly use products to improve your skin condition but still have acne? It means that you are simply eating the wrong way.

Fast food, monotonous food, or overuse of certain foods does not reflect well on your face. Eating correctly is not always possible, but there is still a way to reduce the harmful effects of food on the skin condition. We have identified the top 15 products that your skin “dislikes” - by reducing their consumption, you will find pleasant changes on your face.

At the bottom of our ranking, we put iodine-containing products. Small amounts of iodine are very beneficial, but too much iodine can trigger acne and increase existing rashes.

15th place - Shrimps

This product contains a huge amount of nutrients and trace elements. In moderation, shrimp even has a beneficial effect on skin condition. But it should be borne in mind that for all their nutritional value and usefulness, they also contain bacteria that provoke the appearance of a rash.

14th place - Oysters

The product is, of course, very useful, but also very expensive. Its rare use in food is pleasant to reflect not only on your skin, but also on your wallet.

13th place - Spinach

Spinach is one of the healthiest vegetable plants around, but it's not perfect either.

The next group in our top is meat products. During the cooking process, a lot of unnecessary fats appear in them. This does not mean that you need to categorically exclude fried meat, barbecue and other goodies from your menu. Try to simply reduce your intake to 2-3 times a week.

12th place - Bacon

Of course, anything that contains this amount of unhealthy fats will not have a beneficial effect on your skin.

11th place - Smoked meat

Better not to eat it at all. And not even because it will badly affect your epidermis.

10th place - Cheeseburgers

This is a double or even triple threat. Cheeseburger is a combination of several foods at once, from which acne appears. In the end, these are just extra calories that you will only benefit from giving up.

9th place - Dairy products

Yogurt, milk, kefir and cottage cheese, if low-fat, are acceptable and healthy in any quantity. Limit yourself in cheese, cream, fat sour cream, it is they that cause acne.

8th place - Caffeine

Caffeine is a direct trigger for acne. Especially instant cheap coffee in cans.

It is not necessary to completely abandon this drink, in moderate doses it has a beneficial effect on the entire body. Drink no more than three cups a day and acne will bypass you. The main taboo about coffee: sweet coffee on an empty stomach.

7th place - Bagels

Sugary flour foods contribute to acne and acne in teenagers. You do not need to completely give up the desire to eat something tasty, but it is better to limit yourself as much as possible in this.

6th place - Processed foods

Canned and frozen foods heated in a pan are, of course, a light, unpretentious lunch, but at the same time a direct path to skin imperfections on your face.

5th place - Popcorn

This product contains the recipe for really bad skin: trans fats, carbohydrates, dairy products. It doesn't bode well for your skin.

4th place - Taco

This dish contains almost half of our top, it will give acne to all lovers of Mexican cuisine once or twice.

3rd place - Pancakes

And again a flour product. The fact is that white flour, for the most part, is starch, which, in combination with sugar and fat, is a direct threat to healthy skin.

2nd place - Pizza

In our opinion, it is quite obvious why you should exclude this product from your diet, or at least use it as rarely as possible.

1st place - French fries

Potatoes are generally a healthy product, but when cooked, namely frying, they release substances that cause acne. By reducing your intake, you will be doing a huge favor to your skin's health.

An unbalanced diet gives rise to a number of problems that affect you not only internally, but also externally. Avoid junk food, eat right, and your skin will look good. For maximum results, consult your doctor and determine the best action plan for yourself in the fight for healthy skin.

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