13 feminine qualities that men especially value

Remember, in "Office Romance" the unforgettable Vera teaches the heroine female tricks, ending the monologue with a pathetic phrase: "... Men don't let such a woman through!"


"A woman who is firmly convinced of her beauty will eventually be able to convince everyone else of her." - Sophia Loren

With a woman who firmly believes in her irresistibility, the world around him agrees. Even ugly women who gratefully accept themselves are much more attractive than beauties who are worried about a small pimple. A confident woman will never criticize herself in public. She exudes a vibe of confidence and sexuality, and men want this kind of woman.

Femininity and Affection

The stronger sex gives preference to feminine girls who allow a man to be a man. Achieving the location of a woman, caring for her, helping, feeling big and strong is his job and pleasure. But here it is important not to go too far: the supposed helplessness of men is annoying.


Kindness, the ability to care, admire and forgive distinguishes a beautiful woman from a beautiful doll. A woman who notices the good, looks at the world with kind eyes, is able to empathize and love, attracts people. Men who are interested in long-term relationships are looking for warmth in a partner.


"If a woman is not beautiful, then she is simply stupid." - Coco Chanel

Purposeful women are of greater interest to the stronger sex than passive persons who are not capable of independent actions. An attractive woman knows what she wants and never takes time to find the culprit. She is the mistress of her destiny, so it is pleasant and comfortable to be next to such a woman.

Ability to live in the here and now

to be present in life, to enjoy every day - such qualities act on men like a strong magnet. Everyone is pleased with the company of a woman who accepts herself for who she is and is grateful to the world around her. Cheerfulness, optimism, lack of the habit of condemning and whining - people with such qualities radiate inner light.

Ability to present oneself

"A woman is closest to being naked when she is well dressed." - Coco Chanel

A well-groomed, neat, tastefully dressed woman who knows her strengths and knows how to favorably emphasize her dignity - she invariably delights. Moreover, a man will not notice whether she is dressed fashionably, but whether the clothes fit perfectly will be noted right away. Women, whose clothes beautifully emphasize the curves, are seen off.


Thrift, no matter how offensive it may sound to some ladies, is one of the most attractive qualities. Men appreciate women who are able to keep clean and cook deliciously. They create around themselves a special atmosphere of warmth and comfort. Such a woman seems to be the embodiment of peace and quiet domestic happiness.


Men do not like women who are annoyed with people and are always unhappy with everything, who believe that someone is obliged to provide them with a happy life. The ability to be happy, to appreciate the people around you, to notice the positive - people invariably gravitate towards the owner of such a bright inner mood.

Radiant interest in the eyes

The interest that a woman shows in her chosen one captures the mind and heart of a man. Natural and sincere sympathy can attract almost anyone. An attractive woman is not afraid of her desires and does not hesitate to tell a man exactly what she wants - neither in a restaurant, nor in bed.

Communication skills

Men like open, sociable, interesting interlocutors, but at the same time they do not pretend to be a know-it-all. An attractive woman will be witty, but never abstruse. She listens with interest to what the man is talking about, allows him to feel inventive, resourceful, strong. And next to such a woman, he will want to be.


The gestures of an attractive woman are fluid and graceful. She has perfect posture and amazing gait. From her movements, you can see how well she treats herself. The peculiarity inherent in her when walking - swaying her hips - men find hypnotically beautiful.


Smiling women with a sense of humor attract many more men than gloomy and always disgruntled ladies. A smile is not only a cheerful disposition, but also a sign of energy and love of life. In the eyes of an attractive woman, shining with joy, a man sees the promise of pleasure.

Natural and sincere

Any pretense is repulsive. An attractive woman is natural, open and free from complexes. Men are drawn to the sincere. Truly attractive women prefer to be, not to appear.

Undoubtedly, the owners of these qualities are attracted to men. But, perhaps, the most important (and absolutely accessible to any woman) quality is the ability to be yourself, to be natural. Because as soon as it attracts the only man who needs the real you.