Beware of the phone (Scientific info)

A mobile phone has become a real find for a modern person, allowing us to instantly call each other from anywhere in the world. Now even babies have mobile phones, but are they really safe?

Studies by scientists from different countries have shown that the daily use of a cell phone for a dozen years can cause cancers of the eyes and brain. And even if the fee for using the gadget is not so high, there is a high probability that your immunity will suffer. After all, electromagnetic waves coming from the device into the human body destroy its immune system, thereby reducing resistance to infectious and colds. Those who like to chat for hours on the phone often complain of headaches, irritability and drowsiness - symptoms that indicate vegetative-vascular dystonia.

Electromagnetic waves are especially dangerous for children. It is not difficult for them to penetrate deep into the fragile children's skull. This can damage the brain and lead to serious disorders of the nervous system.

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