Why Jews are hated

We know all this, but not everyone knows how to write so sharply. Almost at all times and in almost all peoples there were people who hated Jews. Many people ask themselves the question: "For what? Why?" And I ask myself: "For what?" - Although I know many reasons for anti-Semitism, but I do not know any such reason why it should not have existed.

In Letters From Earth, Mark Twain wrote: "All nations hate each other, and together they hate Jews."

To begin with, people don't like each other. Moreover, they hate each other. We have to admit that, unfortunately, this property is immanent in the human psyche, that God has doomed people to strife. The history of mankind is the history of wars. The British and the French, the Germans and the French, the Russians and the Poles, the Russians and the Germans, the Armenians and Azerbaijanis, hated and fought with each other, the extermination of Armenians by the Turks, the Albanians by the Serbs, and the Serbs by the Albanians are known. You can't list everything. Xenophobia is a ubiquitous phenomenon. Who is most often hated? Yes, those strangers who are nearby. And who has lived alongside almost all peoples over the past 2000 years? Jews, of course. Here is the first answer to the damn question. As an object of hatred and an all-world scapegoat ("Heroic personality, goat's face, " as Vysotsky said), they have always been irreplaceable because they had no state, no land, no army, no police, that is, not the slightest opportunity to defend themselves ... With the strong, the powerless is always to blame. The impotent one evokes the anger of the whole people, and the noble fury boils up like tar. So, the first reason for the unprecedented resilience and prevalence of anti-Semitism is that Jews, without their own state, have lived among too many nations for too long.

Further. The Jews gave the world a single God, a Bible, a moral law for all time. They gave the world Christianity - and they abandoned it. To give Christianity to humanity and to renounce it is such an offense that "in this most Christian of the worlds" has no forgiveness. We will not talk about the reasons for this refusal here. It is a mystery that has challenged the best minds for 20 centuries. Whoever offered the Jews to abandon Judaism! Magomed invited them to accept Islam and stand next to him at the source of the new faith - they refused and received an implacable enemy. Martin Luther called on Jews to become his comrades-in-arms in the fight against Catholicism and help him in founding a Protestant confession - the Jews refused and instead of an ally they received an ardent anti-Jew. The philosopher Vasily Rozanov, who can hardly be accused of sympathy for the Jews, was perplexed about such behavior, not finding in it the slightest sign of self-interest. How! To honor and respect and other innumerable blessings of the God-bearing people who gave the world Christ and all the apostles, prefer the fate of a despicable outcast surrounded by a wall of hatred? Somehow it doesn't really stick with the idea of ​​a Jew as a mercenary and cowardly creature. Paradox. The rejection of Christianity determined the fate of the Jews, becoming the most important source of anti-Semitism.

Further. Jews are the people of the Book. They love to read, and that's it! A.P. Chekhov, describing the life of the provincial towns of Russia, repeatedly noted that in such a town the library could have been closed, if not for the girls and young Jews. The passion for reading has always introduced Jews to the culture of other peoples. The same V. Rozanov wrote that if a German is a neighbor to everyone, but not a brother to anyone, then a Jew is imbued with the culture of the people among whom he lives, he flirts with it, like a lover, penetrates into it, participates in its creation. "In Europe he is the best European, in America he is the best American." At the present time, this is perhaps the main reproach that Jew-phobes are thrown at Jews. "The Russian people have been humiliated, " the anti-Semites in Russia shout, "the Jews have taken their culture away from them." There is simply no way to list all the brilliant Jewish names in all areas of human activity. This does not add to the love of those around them.

Jews are confidently ranked first in the world in terms of education and social activity. The historian L.N. Gumilev called this quality passionarity. According to his theory, an ethnos is a living organism that is born, matures, reaches maturity, then grows old and dies. The usual lifespan of an ethnic group, according to Gumilyov, is two thousand years. In the period of maturity, the people have the maximum number of passionate personalities, i.e. outstanding politicians, scientists, military leaders, etc., while the old, dying ethnic groups have almost no such people. The historian confirms his theory with numerous examples, and he simply does not mention those cases that do not fit into his teaching. The level of passionarity of the Jewish people, whose history goes back four thousand years, has never declined. The philosopher N. Berdyaev wrote: "There is something humiliating in the number of geniuses among the Jews. To this I can tell the anti-Semitic gentlemen only one thing - make great discoveries yourself!" Unhappy - for the Jews! - the tendency to penetrate the culture of other peoples, actively participating in its development, as well as unprecedented passionarity in all areas of life - these are the main reasons for anti-Semitism at the present time.

There is another aspect of this problem - psychiatric. Almost every person has secret fears and phobias, obvious or hidden vices and shortcomings, voluntary and involuntary sins. One of the ways to get rid of these fears and painful dissatisfaction with oneself is to extract them from your soul, from the depths of your subconscious to the light of God, loudly declare them, however, attributing all this filth not to yourself, but to someone else who is not sorry, and to focus he has all his hatred on him. From time immemorial, Jews have served as such an object, which is attributed to their own vices. Anti-Semitism has a zoological character, i.e. comes from the depths of the subconscious. Over twenty centuries, it has become a stable stereotype that is absorbed with mother's milk and is passed on from generation to generation.

One must have remarkable strength and strength to resist this mass psychosis, which has the character of a pandemic, but the birth, upbringing and whole life of the overwhelming majority of people, unfortunately, do not give this strength and strength. Almost every person, looking into his soul, will find in it traces of hostility towards Jews. And the Jews themselves are no exception here. They are the same people, like everyone else, they breathe the same air of intolerance. When faced with some Jewish scum, Jews often experience the same specific dislike as non-Jews, forgetting that every nation has the right to its own scoundrels, who are a dime a dozen everywhere. Anti-Semitism is a diagnosis. Psychiatry should include it in its textbooks as a type of mental disorder, manic psychosis. I would like to say to the anti-Semitic gentlemen: "This is your problem, go and be treated."

Our psyche is so arranged that we love our neighbor for the good that we have done to him, and we hate for the evil that has been done to him. The mass of evil inflicted on Jews by Europeans over 20 centuries is so enormous that it in itself cannot but become the cause of anti-Semitism. They hate Jews for strangling 6 million in the gas chambers, i.e. a third of all people. This atrocity, unparalleled in the world, only crowned the two thousand year history of the extermination of Jews in Europe. Now the children of Cain have washed themselves white, washed off the blood, and are reciting morality to Israel. They are now humanists, they are fighters for human rights, and Israel is an aggressor oppressing innocent Arab terrorists. Anti-Semitism in Europe has reached the level of the thirties, and this is understandable and understandable.

European humanists, slandering Israel, seem to say to the world: "Look who we destroyed! These are the aggressors! We were right, and if Hitler is to blame, it is only that he did not have time to finally resolve the Jewish question." The whole pathos of modern European criticism of Israel fits into this simple idea, which peeps out of each of their arguments about the Arab-Israeli war like an awl out of a sack. Facts are stubborn things, but anti-Semitic consciousness is more stubborn than facts. Facts show that, since 1948, Israel has been attacked many times by the Arab states, and itself only defended itself, responding blow for blow, and is only to blame for the fact that it turned out to be stronger than the aggressor and won. The anti-Semitic consciousness does not want to know this, it sees nothing, does not hear anything, and with paranoid stubbornness calls white black, black white, the aggressor a victim, and the victim an aggressor. New Goebbels' propaganda is reigning in Europe. The principle is that the bolder the lie, the sooner they will believe. Newly born humanists shed crocodile tears over the murder of Sheikh Yassin, this animal who invented living bombs and sent Palestinian boys and girls to explode on buses with peaceful passengers.

The anti-Semitic rabble raised a howl all over the world, they sympathize with the architect-terrorist, as they never sympathized with his victims. For 20 centuries of extermination of Jews, Europeans are accustomed to considering the murder of a Jew with impunity as their natural right and are now deeply outraged that Israel has deprived the Arabs of this right and dared to defend its citizens. Human rights advocates care about the rights of bandits, organizers of terror against civilians, and not about the rights of victims. They distinguish between two terror - good and bad. Bad terror is when Israel destroys the leaders of the terror. Then everyone shouts the guard and summons the Security Council. Good terror is when Jews are killed. Then the humanists are contentedly silent and do not convene anything.

The Jews now have their own state. The anti-Semitic mob around the world will never again prevent us from defending our human dignity and the right to life.

In one of his stories, A. Platonov described a little Jewish boy who survived a terrible pogrom. This boy, in horror and confusion, turned to his Russian neighbor with the question: "Maybe the Jews are really such bad people as they say about them?" - and received the answer: "Don't think stupid." So I would like, following Platonov, to say to all those who succumbed to anti-Semitic psychosis: "Don't think stupid."