Intuition is your best friend on the road to success.

Today we are going to take a look at a rather sensitive topic. How much has already been written and even more said about intuition. How many disputes and discussions have been, are, and will be about this. And each person, by virtue of his knowledge of the world around him, perceives intuition in his own way. But today we will not consider the issues of the existence or lack of intuition in humans and will not go into the exact definition of this concept. The main goal of today's article is to help you learn how to use your gut or intuition to achieve all your life goals.

So. How do you think most people living today think and act? Quite right. Logically. That is, they proceed only from causal relationships. And this is absolutely correct. But there is one thing here. In a logical way, you can only think and make decisions only for the obvious things that you know exist as of today. That is, you can make a decision with the mind only when you have all the necessary facts. Well, if you make a decision, for example, to quit and start creating your own business or, on the contrary, abandon a very profitable business, then you cannot be guided solely by the laws of logic. Your mind just can't know if you can create your own successful business or not. Or your mind will never be able to assume that a profitable business, from which you for some reason incomprehensibly refused to everyone, after a while brought how many problems to all its participants.

That is, your intuition always knows much more than your mind, since it can look ahead into the future for an unlimited time and see all possible scenarios for the development of events. Intuition is a natural organ of perception of the external world and interaction with it for every normal person. As well as touch, charm, hearing, sight, etc. And whether we realize it or not, we use this feeling every day, when, before making the decision we need, we listen to our inner feelings for a while.

For example, I am by nature a person with a predominantly intuitive way of perceiving the external world and always make difficult decisions only intuitively. Very often I did such actions that did not fit into the framework of common sense, and everyone around me with bewilderment and incomprehension twirled their fingers at their temples. And only after a certain time, everything fell into place and I received dividends from my seemingly incomprehensible decisions for the human mind. And those who used to laugh at my choice now shrugged their shoulders in surprise and did not stop asking me the question, how in that situation could I know that it was necessary to act in this way.

And sometimes it was exactly the opposite. I turned down a seemingly win-win and profitable offer, because I did not feel inside myself that this was really my path. And again, everyone did not understand this, since they tried to reason only with the help of their logic. That is, they said, if this now promises benefits, then why do you refuse? But when making a decision, I used my inner instinct, which told me that I should not accept this offer. And, of course, after a while I again became convinced of the correctness of my choice, and those around me again shrugged their shoulders in bewilderment.

I can anticipate your remarks about the fact that very often a person makes a decision intuitively, everything inside him directly shouts “yes” to the decision just made, and then it turns out that the choice was completely wrong and led to failure and disappointment. There may be several reasons for this situation. But intuition in such a situation has nothing to do with it.

First, your negative beliefs and limiting blocks can play an important role here. If you have a negative attitude towards life and people, if you do not believe in yourself and your strengths, or you have a great sense of guilt, then you can accept the messages of your intuition exactly the opposite.

On the one hand, you say you want something. On the other hand, your subconscious is screaming at the top of your voice that you are not capable of anything and your hands are growing out of the wrong place. Since the voice of the subconscious has been sounding for many, many years, and you have been thinking about your desire for only a few days, it is not surprising that you choose the very path that will prove to you that you are a failure.

That is, the more negativity, fears and doubts you have, the more likely it is that, acting intuitively, you will make a decision that is completely opposite to your best expectations.

The second possible reason for unsuccessful decision-making can be fixation on the set goal, the desire to get it at all costs. Then your excessive fussiness and tension will also prevent you from making the right decision.

We figured out what prevents us from correctly recognizing messages from the future. But what our actions can, on the contrary, contribute to the most favorable conditions for the work of our intuition. And such actions exist. It is relaxation, flexibility and trust in life processes.

When we are in a relaxed state, our intuitive transceiver operates at maximum power and without interference. That is, we are confident in ourselves and in our strengths, we know that everything will be fine and this gives fuel for intuition, which in such a situation will bring the most truthful and accurate information to our consciousness.

When we are flexible, easily changing our plans and direction of travel, it allows us to go with the flow in the most favorable direction. Not every person can abandon their plan when they encounter an obstacle that is a message from the future. In most cases, a person begins to try to break through the obstacle with his head, proving to everyone and everything who is the boss in the house. Of course, no one argues that a person is the master of his life, but at the same time, you also need to have the ability to at least sometimes see and hear yourself and the world around you, and not always go ahead like a bull.

And finally, you need to trust life and all its processes. If you trust, then you always win over those who do not trust and doubt. The Universe is always and in everything abundant and kind to each of us. And not trusting and closing ourselves off from it, we ourselves create problems for ourselves, which we then overcome with great pleasure and diligence.

For clarity, I would like to tell you how I use intuition in my everyday life.

Every morning, for 1-2 hours, I take a walk in the fresh air (of course, you need to have free time for this). At this time, I try not to think about anything. I just walk and that's it (you can, of course, replace walks with meditation, but a walk in the fresh air is much more pleasant and healthier). After 10-15 minutes of walking, when I completely relax and tune in, various thoughts, ideas, options for solving my various problems begin to come to me. And I want to tell you that such thoughts and ideas come that, with the most intense work, would never have appeared in my life. That is, relaxing and entering a semblance of a meditative state, I begin to receive information directly from my subconscious and intuition. At the same time, consciousness works only to receive and memorize the information received.

I will not boast, I will only say that almost every day at such a time such thoughts come, thanks to which I double my income per day, get rid of any, even chronic disease in a couple of hours, solve any, even the most difficult life problems. And all this without effort and effort.

Here it is appropriate to cite as an example the saying "Laziness is the engine of progress." A person who works from morning to evening and does not pay attention to his inner voice, at best, will earn the respect of his parents and the title of an honorary and well-deserved workaholic.

A person who works less, but feels and listens to himself more, can be known in his environment as a lucky or lucky person, who does not understand to others why everything works out for which he will not undertake.

The workaholic adheres to the principle that the more and harder I work, the more I will achieve. And the lucky one - “I'd rather think about it for a few hours, but then I’ll do an action that a workaholic would never think of in his life.”

The lucky one will always win, as he uses his intuition and always strikes right to the point with his one action. He always works less and gets more. Whereas a workaholic digs "from here to the evening", not looking around and not listening to his feelings. We can also say that workaholism is the inability to think, analyze, make the right decisions and listen to your intuition. A workaholic can, in principle, become a successful and wealthy person. But it will be given to him by such efforts that he will definitely never get joy and pleasure from it.

It is very, very easy to use the services of your intuition. If you are confident in your positive attitude and believe in yourself and your strength, then to make the right decision you just need to relax and listen to yourself, whether you want to do it or not. If you want - go ahead, your soul always works in tandem with intuition. If you feel mistrust or doubt about a decision you have made, feel free to refuse it. And it will be more useful for you and your intuition will be more pleasant.

Article author: Alexander Konelsky