The beauty of Montenegro thanks to the site

With the onset of the holiday season, many begin to search for optimal tourist routes: to have the sea, a warm sunny climate, beautiful nature, as well as many different monuments and attractions that can be visited with the whole family. And it is desirable that all this be available for a reasonable fee. Today, all these requests can be satisfied by Montenegro - a beautiful and mysterious country with a long history and traditions, and which was recently discovered by thousands of tourists from all over the world.

Located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, the resorts of Montenegro annually attract many tourists with their well-groomed and well-equipped beaches, high level of service and interesting excursion routes. By the way, the waters of the Adriatic Sea are considered the cleanest in the Mediterranean, which is also an important factor for many tourism lovers.

Montenegro offers not only a full beach holiday on the Adriatic coast, excellent service and comfortable accommodation in luxury hotels, but also an active visit to a variety of excursions. For example, you can visit and see with your own eyes the ancient fortress Hai-Nehai, the walls of which are still preserved in the old part of the city of Bar. This fortress keeps the memory of the difficult times for Croatia (and for many other South Slavic peoples) - the invasion of the Turkish army. Here you can also admire the oldest olive tree, which is two thousand years old.

The town of Kontor can be safely called a magnificent monument of historical heritage, in which to this day the appearance of the cities of the twelfth century has been completely preserved. This city (Kontor) is recognized as a monument of the "World Natural and Historical Heritage".

Montenegro honors its religious traditions. Residents treasure the spiritual history of their country with trepidation, protecting the Tsensky Monastery, which is located in the glorious city of Cetinje. In this sacred place for every Croat, priceless relics are collected, such as a piece of the cross where Jesus and the relics of St. Peter were crucified. Here you can also see another unique relic - the hand of St. John the Baptist. In addition to the Tsensky monastery, it is also worth visiting the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin and the famous Ostrog monastery. A visit to these magnificent places will impress any, even the most sophisticated tourist, who will certainly tell with awe about visiting these places to their loved ones.

History lovers should see the Savina Monastery, which was built in one thousand and thirty. Well, as for flora lovers, you can advise to go to the Botanical Garden, where the most valuable and rare plants from all over the country are collected. Also, the rich nature of Montenegro invites tourists to visit beautiful national parks, such as: "Biogradska Gora" - the main park of the country, located in the northern part of Croatia or "Skadar Lake" - a park stretching in the southeastern part of the country. Another stunning in its beauty park "Durmitor" is located in the northwest. And in conclusion, we can mention “Lovcen” - a park that is spread high in the mountains, not far from the Adriatic Sea coast. Having visited them, you will get a lot of pleasure from walking through these wonderful places.

For beach lovers, the leading hotels in Croatia will offer a wide range of services and entertainment directly on the territory of the hotel or in the immediate territories to them. The cordiality of the staff and residents of this country will leave the best impressions and pleasant memories of the rest.

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