The most pleasant sensations in this world

Often, the greatest pleasure in life brings us what we can taste, feel under our fingertips, inhale with our favorite aroma. This post is dedicated to all those who live with feelings and know how to find happiness in small things. Indeed, sometimes to raise the mood, it is enough just:

1. Take off uncomfortable shoes after prolonged agony.

2. Run your hand into a bag of buckwheat or rice.

3. Kiss the child on a soft, smooth cheek.

4. "Pop" bubbles onto the wrapping film.

5. Lie with your cheek on a cool pillow.

6. Take a shower at exactly the temperature you like.

7. Eat the first bite of your favorite food.

8. Fall into bed after a long day or a sleepless night.

9. Kiss someone you like for the first time.

10. Breathe in the scent of a new book.

11. Drink the first sip of coffee in the morning.

12. Feel the rays of the southern sun on your skin.

13. Walk along the warm sand of the evening beach.

14. Put on clean, freshly ironed clothes.

15. Walk in the summer rain.

16. Dive into cool water on a hot day.

17. Attend a massage session.

18. Run barefoot on the grass.

19. Inhale the smell of ozone after a thunderstorm.

20. Bury your hand in the fur of your beloved cat or dog.

21. Take a sip of cold water on a sultry afternoon.

22. Touch your hair after cutting.

23. Warm frozen hands by the fire.

24. Sneeze after a long time.

25. Listen and feel the purr of a cat lying on his chest.

26. Smell the smell of garlic, a few seconds ago, thrown into a frying pan in heated olive oil.

27. Fingering small beads or seed beads or passing a thin metal chain between your fingers.

28. Brush your teeth with a new toothbrush.

29. Put on your glasses after you have just cleaned them.

30. Feel like a sucking in the stomach when you go down by car from a high hill.

31. Hug someone you have missed a lot.

32. Remove from the hand, like a second skin, the dried layer of PVA glue.

33. Come home in the evening and take off all uncomfortable clothes.

34. It is cozy to wrap yourself in a warm blanket when it is raining outside the window.

35. Sleep on fresh sheets.

36. Catch a pleasant smell familiar from childhood.

37. Gently bite someone you love.

38. Feel the smell of the kebab, which is already being fried.

39. Open one eye early in the morning and realize that it is Saturday.

40. Enjoy the first sip of wine and understand that life is a damn pleasant thing.