BattleView 360 - augmented reality system

BattleView 360 is an augmented reality system that makes the armor of tanks and other equipment "transparent" for their crew members

The well-known company BAE Systems has developed the BattleView 360 system, which, using augmented reality functions, is designed to solve one of the main problems faced by crew members of tanks and other armored vehicles. The problem lies in the small viewing angles provided by conventional aids, and BattleView 360 addresses the issue by making tank hulls transparent through augmented reality, allowing crew members to better perceive their surroundings and make faster decisions, which in some cases may affect their own lives.

“BattleView 360 is based on years of development by our team. In addition, to improve people's perception of the environment, the system is designed to minimize the workload on each crew member. This allows people to react to certain events immediately and make decisions. adopted with the assistance of the system, turn out to be as effective as possible "- says Peder Sjolund, head of the new technologies department of the Swedish branch of BAE Systems, " And as a result of all of the above, the effectiveness of human actions increases many times, as does the "survivability" ...

The technology behind BattleView 360 derives from similar systems originally developed for use in fighter aircraft. These systems typically use touchscreen monitors and a visual interface mounted on a helmet that visualizes in an intuitive manner the data collected by a mass of cameras and other sensors installed outside the aircraft or tank. In addition, the BattleView 360 system processes and uses data collected by other technical means and received through wireless communication systems.

The helmet-mounted display is synchronized with the position of the person's head and signals from external cameras, which receive images in the visible range and in the infrared range. This allows a person to look in any direction and see everything that happens there as if there were no opaque obstacles around him in the form of armor. And the large touchscreen display of the system displays the current tactical situation and additional controls for system functions, such as switching to the point of view of another crew member, for example.

In addition to its primary function, BattleView 360 provides a number of other additional functions that make it easier for crew members to understand the current situation. The system differentiates friendly and enemy combat units, preventing friendly fire, it shows the flight paths of reconnaissance or combat drones and calculates the most optimal travel routes in terms of time or economy.

Representatives of BAE Systems say that the system they have created has wide versatility and can be installed on almost all types of tanks and other armored vehicles. And for the demonstration, which was held as part of the Defense and Security Equipment International (DSEI) exhibition, which was held recently in London, the system was installed on a light tracked vehicle of the CV90 type.