Samurai wisdom post

Japan is the land of the rising sun and cherry blossoms. Here beauty coexists with self-discipline, and poetry coexists with the art of war.

We have collected the wisest rules of life for samurai - skilled Japanese warriors, for whom dignity, honor and perfection were above all.

1. Before expressing your opinion to a person, think about whether he is able to accept it.

2. Having made a mistake, you need to correct it immediately. If this is done without delay, it will soon be forgotten.

3. Anyone who is drunk and grabs the sword, shows not only recklessness, but also cowardice.

4. The samurai should avoid too much sake, excessive pride and great luxury.

5. Asking when you know is to be polite. Asking when you don't know is absolutely essential.

6. When faced with setbacks and difficulties, it is not enough just not to worry. When faced with difficulties, you need to boldly and joyfully rush forward.

7. The severity of disease and other misfortunes is determined by our attitude towards them.

8. A person is worthless if he does not understand that “now” and “that very time” are one and the same.

9. If a person did not control his body and mind at the beginning, he will never overcome the enemy.

10. You only need to accept what you can finish in one day. Tomorrow, too, will be only one day.

11. Truly there is nothing but the real purpose of the present moment. The whole life of a person is a sequence of moments.

12. You should weigh every word and invariably ask yourself whether what you are about to say is true.

13. Learning makes the naturally intelligent one even smarter, and the naturally stupid one less hopeless.

14. A person is not given to understand how much he can be mistaken in the mistakes of others or not understand them.

15. Trouble comes when people rely on the future, become lazy, idle, and let things slip out of hand; when, after much deliberation, they postpone urgent matters, not to mention less important ones, believing that they can fulfill them tomorrow.

16. People will live more securely if certain aspects of their lives are left unaddressed. It is very important to understand this when evaluating people's behavior.

17. If you understand one thing, eight others will open to you.

18. One word is enough to declare your strength or cowardice.

19. What is called generosity is actually compassion.

20. Three main external manifestations of a person - his appearance, manner of writing and speaking.

21. Enemies will despise you if you look sloppy.

22. Study diligently all your life. Every day, become more skillful than you were the day before, and the next day, more skillful than today. Cultivation has no end.

23. You should not be unceremonious with a person who has come to you, even if you are busy.

24. Be faithful to the current thought and do not get distracted. Instead of exhausting yourself with many thoughts, follow one, but allow it to change from moment to moment.

25. Talking a lot about yourself is not just useless. In the worst case, it can create gossip, and you will have your worst enemies. Instead, it’s better to stay at home and contemplate poetry.