Letter from Joseph Stalin to the teacher of his son Vasily

Joseph Stalin's son, Vasily, went to a regular school. And, of course, everyone knew whose son this was. Now let's read the letter that Stalin wrote to his son's teacher, and think about whether such communication is possible between a very or even not very high-ranking official and a simple teacher in modern, democratic and free Russia.

For teacher Comrade Martyshin:

"I received your letter about the arts of Vasily Stalin. Thank you for the letter. I answer with a great delay due to work overload. I apologize. Vasily is a spoiled young man of average abilities, a savage (a type of Scythian!), Not always truthful, likes to blackmail weak" leaders ", often impudent, with a weak or - rather - disorganized will.

He was spoiled by all sorts of "gods" and "gossips" who now and then emphasize that he is "the son of Stalin." I am glad that in your person there was at least one self-respecting teacher who treats Vasily like everyone else and demands from the impudent submission to the general regime at school.

Vasily is spoiled by the director, like the one you mentioned, people-rags who have no place in school, and if the impudent Vasily has not yet managed to ruin himself, it is because there are some teachers in our country who do not let the capricious barchuk get off the ground. My advice: to demand stricter from Vasily and not be afraid of false, blackmail threats of the capricious about “suicide”. You will have my support in this. Unfortunately, I myself am not able to tinker with Vasily. But I promise to take him by the collar from time to time. Hello!"

Joseph Stalin, 06/08/1938