How to get electricity from nothing?

You never know when you might need electricity, be it electricity for homemade light bulbs with charred bamboo filaments instead of filament to brighten and warm the dark nights on a desert island, or electricity to reanimate a walkie-talkie or mobile phone.


How can I get electricity from wood?

For almost any simplest way of generating electricity without connecting to an existing electrical network, you will definitely need galvanic cells, namely two metals, which in a pair form an anode and a cathode of different polarities, respectively. Now it remains to stick one of them into the nearest tree, for example, an aluminum rod or an iron nail so that it completely goes through the bark into the tree trunk itself; and stick another element, for example, a copper tube, into the soil nearby, so that it goes into the ground by 15-20 cm. I would not be surprised if a voltage of approximately 1 volt arises between the copper tube and the aluminum rod. The more rods you insert into the wood, the better the quality of the electricity produced in this way will be.

How can I get electricity from fruits?

Oranges, lemons and other citrus fruits are all ideal electrolytes for generating electricity in extreme conditions, especially if an extreme situation finds you near the equator. In addition to the already well-known aluminum and copper, you can use more effective gold and silver if you or your companion have jewelry left on, bringing the voltage of your electricity up to 2 volts. If you are engaged in generating electricity for the purpose of lighting, then a glass bulb with a piece of charred bamboo fiber as a filament can serve as a light bulb. This handicraft filament was used for the first light bulb in the world by Edison himself!

How to get electricity from water?

If you have copper wire and foil, generating electricity in this case takes a minimum of effort. We fill several glasses with salt water and connect them with copper wire, from glass to glass. Aluminum foil should be wrapped around one end of each wire connecting the cups. Accordingly, the more wire and glasses. the higher your chances!

How to get electricity from potatoes?

You can also get electricity from the tubers of ordinary potatoes, all you need is salt, toothpaste, wires and potatoes. Cut it in half with a knife, pass the wires through one half, while in the other, make a spoon-shaped depression in the center, then fill it with toothpaste mixed with salt. Connect the halves of the potatoes, and the wires should be in contact with the toothpaste, and it is better to strip them themselves. All! Now you can use your electricity generator to light fires with an electric spark.

How to get electricity out of thin air?

It is unambiguous to build a wind turbine, which by the way is not so difficult. All you need are propeller blades powered by the wind and an electricity generator to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. By the way, you can simply pull it out of the broken car!

How to make a simple battery?

Lead and sulfuric acid have proven themselves for decades as a universal generator of electricity with excellent power quality, used everywhere, for example, in the batteries of various vehicles. To do this, you will need both components, which you need to combine in ceramic dishes (it should not be difficult for you to find clay in extreme conditions and burn it). If the question remains for sulfuric acid, then get it from sulfur, burning it with an excess of oxygen and water is not difficult. If there is neither one nor the other, electricity will bring you the mineral "galena", which already at a temperature of 327 degrees, mixed with coal, melts into sulfur and lead.