Who are you on the Mayan calendar? - It's interesting to know

I think everyone will be interested to know: who are you according to the Mayan calendar? - since this is something new among other signs of the zodiac.

Otter: January 20 - February 18

People of this sign are distinguished by non-standard behavior. It is even difficult to understand them. The most effective manifestation of their unusualness will be creativity. The Otter has the advantage of being highly intelligent and imaginative.

These people tend to be very good and caring friends. Much depends on the upbringing of the Otter. At the beginning of life, it is very easy to undermine the psyche of a child born under this sign. But you can also easily direct him to the desired path.

Wolf: February 19 - March 20

The wolf personifies love. The thing is that since he values ​​love, perhaps, he cannot be compared with anyone else. However, they equally value their independence. That is why it is more difficult for them than for others to be in a relationship. Sometimes they refuse them altogether. Otherwise, Wolves are very generous and passionate people.

Falcon: March 21 - April 19

Representatives of this sign are not one of those who like to stand on ceremony for a long time. The falcon is considered a born leader and it will not be difficult for him to find the perfect solution in difficult situations. Also, these people know the value of time and prefer to do rather than speak. Falcons are businessmen by nature and are ready to take the lead. Because of their desire to win, they can often be arrogant.

Beaver: April 20 - May 20

Beavers will always and everywhere try to take full responsibility. If they take on something, they do it to the end and the result always meets expectations. The only negative is that if they start to get involved in something, they cannot stop. Although in exceptional cases this minus becomes a plus and Beavers can be very good leaders.

Very correct people, but loyal. Principles apply more to themselves than to others.

Deer: May 21 - June 20

For the Indians, the Deer has a special meaning and personifies the Muse. Likewise, people born under this sign are able to inspire their surroundings. They are great at adapting to the person with whom they are currently in contact. Deer are unsurpassed conversationalists and you are unlikely to find a reason to quarrel with them.

Woodpecker: June 21 - July 21

In the tradition of the Indians, woodpeckers are the most educated. They are the ones who will always listen to you and will be able to put themselves in your place in any situation. Whenever you need support, Woodpeckers are there for you.

Since they are absolute empaths, in life they show themselves as good parents and partners in relationships. Modesty adorns the representatives of this sign.

Salmon: July 22nd - August 21st

The life of people born under the sign of Salmon is one continuous adventure. And this is no coincidence, because they are full of energy and enthusiasm. Teamwork with Salmon is a gift. They are charged with healthy optimism. Thinks quickly and does not pull the covers over himself. Salmon can teach a lot to people from their environment and it will only be for pleasure.

Bear: August 22 - September 21

For the Bears, practicality and logic come first. Everything they do goes through a hard and cold-blooded analysis. The mind does not allow them to completely relax.

Modesty and shyness make the Bears great business partners. Through their innate patience, they also become mentors and teachers.

Raven: September 22 - October 22

Representatives of this sign have the gift of charm and can easily influence people. Ravens absorb all the information that is useful and necessary for them. With this skill, politics is easy for them. They have an innate ability for diplomacy that needs to be developed. If the Raven does not have the opportunity to realize himself, then there is a risk that he will become very romantic and quiet.

Snake: October 23 - November 22

Snakes are endowed with very strong energy. They occupy the niche of spiritual leaders or doctors. That is why it is important for them to be respected and honored. But in matters of finance, they are not the best advisers, and they themselves are very reluctant to deal with them. They live in their own world and reality drives them into apathy. You might think that they are very secretive. In relationships, Snakes are very passionate and inspiring lovers. Because of their emotionality, they are prone to mood swings.

Owl: November 23 - December 21

The Indians considered Owls to be very tough and windy people. Their ability to survive is so high that they rarely need the warmth of another person. Owls tend to be more risky and reckless. They are born hunters, firefighters and social activists. Flexibility helps them to adapt to any life conditions. In general, these are pretty happy people, but they need to see the goal to strive for.

Goose: December 22 - January 19

People of this sign have endless ambitions. If you have Gus in your team, then any project will be a success. His perseverance is capable of breaking through any walls. If there is a goal, then nothing can stop them. Geese are driven by competition and competition. They are successful in almost everything, and that's a fact. Gus always knows what to do, no matter what area of ​​life it concerns.