TriFan 600 - vertical takeoff aircraft for flights to work

The idea of ​​a flying car is as old as the world, but such a device is unlikely to ever become really popular. But don't be discouraged: XTI Aircraft hopes to take the place between cars and personal jets with its new lightweight aircraft that will allow you to move from door to door.

The device, called the TriFan 600, is the child of engineer David Brody, who, back in 2012, began dreaming of air travel from one point to another. Since then, Brody has been able to assemble a team of aviation experts - including Jeff Pino, the former president of Sikorsky Aircraft, and Charlie Johnson, the former president of Cessna - and unveil the first commercially certified high-speed, long-range aircraft with vertical takeoff and landing.

The TriFan 600 uses three propellers driven by two gas turbine engines. After takeoff, two propellers located in the wings rotate and provide direct thrust. XTI reports that the aircraft's two engines will develop 2, 600 horsepower. All this force will lift six passengers to a height of nine thousand meters and will allow them to reach speeds of up to 643 kilometers per hour.

Brody has been trying to create a revolutionary vertical take-off and landing aircraft for ten years. Previously, he could not get a contract with the US Army with his AVX Aircraft project: the military preferred large players, Bell Helicopter with their V-280 tiltrotor and Sikorsky-Boeing with their revolutionary X2 helicopter. Brody's work on the AVX project was also used in the TriFan 600.

At the moment, Brody's team has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the construction of the first prototype aircraft that can prove the viability of the idea.