10 identical things that men and women do differently

10 things that a man and a woman do differently. Little things that you probably never paid attention to.

1. Undressing

Have you noticed how representatives of the opposite sex take off a T-shirt or jumper? Men more often throw their hands behind their heads and pull the upper edge of their clothes from the back, while women, on the contrary, cross their arms over their stomach and raise the lower edge. Although a man can use both options, a woman usually strips off by lifting her clothes exclusively. Why?

The answer is rooted in a cultural identity that has passed through the centuries and still exists today.

Women do not undress differently because they are taught to do so. This is due to the fact that they wear long, straight and sometimes fitted robes. Of course, taking off the dress over the shoulders, especially if it is fitted, will not work. It is more convenient to pick up the hem first.

Social anthropologists will tell you that in no culture of the world do men wear floor-length clothing. In some cultures, women may wear trousers, but still wear a relatively long tunic over the top. For men, the top shirt is always short and wide. It is convenient to remove it by pulling on the shoulders.

2. Getting dressed

When dressing, a woman will first put on a shirt, then pants or a skirt. Men usually do the opposite. This is probably related to the fact that many women like to walk around the house in their partner's shirts, and are in no hurry to hide their legs.

A man, on the contrary, feels calm with a naked torso, but in case of escape from his mistress's apartment, he will always grab his pants first. ))

3. We see

We also see differently. In men and women, the eyes are not the same in terms of the number of conical cells responsible for color perception. The source of the conical color cells is the X chromosome, and a woman has two of them.

Men usually talk about the basic elements of the spectrum: red, blue, green.

Women tend to use terms such as ivory, aqua, mauve, pistachio green.

Women not only have more conical cells in the lining of the eye, but they also have wider peripheral vision than men. The brain provides a man with "tunnel" vision, which means the ability to see clearly and clearly directly in front of him, but at a great distance, that is, his eyes can be likened to binoculars.

That is why a modern man can easily find a distant pub, located "somewhere out there", but cannot find a thing in a closet or refrigerator.

Let's look at an example.

He: Where is the butter?

She: In the refrigerator.

He: I'm looking in the refrigerator now, but there is no oil there.

She: It's there - I put it there ten minutes ago.

He: No, you must have put it somewhere else. There is no oil in the refrigerator. It is clear.

After these words, She enters the kitchen, puts her hand in the refrigerator and, like a magician, a pack of butter appears in her hand.

With a large field of view, a woman can take in most of the refrigerator space without moving her head.

The man moves his eyes left and right and up and down, as if scanning space in search of a "disappeared" object.

4. Hear

Women perfectly distinguish sounds in the high-frequency region, since the woman's brain is programmed by nature for a child's cry. If a kitten starts meowing in the distance, a woman will hear it. However, it is the man with his excellent orientation in space that will tell you where he is.

Women are better at recognizing sounds, but men can tell where they are coming from. Combined with the ability to recognize and imitate animal sounds, this art makes men great hunters. Thus, the sound is transformed in the man's brain into a geographical map. Cool!

5. We fulfill our civic duty

Men are very fond of talking about politics, but they really do not like to go to elections. For women, everything is exactly the opposite: we hardly talk about politics, but we go to elections.

6. Yawning

When yawning, a man usually covers his mouth with his fist, while a woman usually covers his palm.

7. Behaving in everyday life

Women open beer bottles with beer bottle openers. A man can adapt almost any solid object for this purpose.

Have you often met women opening a bottle with a lighter?

8. Sitting

When sitting down, a woman usually brings her knees, crosses her legs or keeps her legs parallel, even if she is wearing trousers. The man spreads his knees to the sides.

Parity only in the "foot to foot" pose.

9. And we even hold a cigarette differently

A man can bite a cigarette with his teeth or smoke altogether, leaving it in his mouth. A woman never does that.

A man can take a cigarette with three fingers, a woman with two.

10. We tie the belts

Women tie a belt on a robe usually above the navel, and men - below. And if men can tie a belt at the waist, then women have no options here.

The data presented in this post, although obtained by researchers as a result of numerous observations, of course, contain statistical errors.