10 reasons why men choose "manual transmission"

And so we present 10 reasons why men choose a "manual transmission".

1. Manual transmission allows you to control the car, and this is very important for the driver. "Mechanics" allows you to remain the master of the situation - namely, to include the right gear at the right time and make the car react to gas immediately after pressing the pedal.

2. Ability to drive on "mechanics" makes the driver smarter in the eyes of the fairer sex. Indeed, a motorist constantly pointing the gearshift knob in different directions looks very masculine.

3. The word "manual" (MANual) cannot be pronounced without the word "man" (MAN). That is, it turns out that the "mechanics" are designed specifically for men.

4. The ability to drive a manual transmission teaches you to do several things at the same time: assess the situation on the road, release the gas, squeeze the clutch, change gear, smoothly release the clutch, adding gas in doses.

5. Drifting. On the "automatic" it is simply not possible to disrupt the car into a controlled skid. He will not allow the engine to spin up to maximum speed, to feel all its power.

6. Riding on three pedals is the highest skill. Automatic transmission, as you know, involves only two pedals. The sporty footwork technique, where the right foot simultaneously activates the brake and gas pedals, allowing you to maintain high engine revs when shifting, is the ultimate in automotive aerobatics.

7. Fuel efficiency. And indeed it is. The same car model with "automatic" consumes significantly more fuel than the version with "mechanics". The manual transmission allows you to drive a long distance on the same amount of fuel.

8. On automatic transmission, you cannot take the car in tow. But sometimes it is necessary.

9. Cars with manual transmission are faster. "Mechanics" makes it possible to turn the motor to maximum speed, squeezing all the possibilities out of it, allows you to choose the range when the power and torque are maximum. "Automatic" does not ask at what speed to go.

10. Girls love guys with dexterous hands. And there are no exceptions. Show her what your hands can do and she will want to know what else you can do!