Arnold Schwarzenegger: "My Rules of Life"!

Arnold Schwarzenegger: "My Rules of Life"! - a list of rules that he made for himself personally.

1. You should always have a goal. If there is a goal, then you live; if it does not exist, then you exist.

2. Explain to the interlocutor that the phrase "No!" is not an answer to a request. Let him say correctly - “I don’t want”, “I will not, ” so he will competently assert his position.

3. Correctly calculated strength, invested in labor, will help to bypass failures.

4. Men with a strong character do not seek escape routes in their business, they do not need cunning plans to get around obstacles.

5. If you are going to do something, do it well; if it doesn’t work well, then don’t even start.

6. You can only strive for knowledge, the rest must be done.

7. Received good in return, pass it on to another person, do not stop this chain.

8. What can a person say who does not know how to listen. First, learn to listen yourself, then just demand that they listen to you.

9. Talking to smart people makes you smarter. I am sorry for those people who communicate with fools.

10. Appreciate and love people close to you right now, then it may be too late.

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