Color revolution (Interesting article)

It's no secret that each color plays an individual role in the interior of your home. Let's walk through the different shades through the eyes of a psychologist.

Orange. This warm sun color warms, stimulates and energizes. In a room with orange tones present, you want to actively move and act.

Green. All shades of that color are associated with nature. The color of coolness and renewal. At the same time, it relaxes and refreshes well, encourages communication and gives comfort.

Yellow. In symbolism - the color of the sun and warmth. Therefore, the feeling of joy is the very first emotion that arises at the sight of yellow. Yellow colors invigorate, cheer and stimulate the body's activity. In addition, yellow enhances the sense of security.

Blue. The color of carelessness, calmness and passivity. Soothes, reduces performance, creates a tendency to think and contemplate.

White. The color of sincerity. Gives strength and purity. It is appropriate in any interior, because it is able to balance everything around.

Purple. It is the most complex and deepest color. It is considered to be the color of creativity and luxury. Allows you to create very effective interiors. In measured quantity it conveys a feeling of relaxation, helps to concentrate. However, in excess, purple can cause depression.

Red. Its presence in residential interiors is especially necessary in northern cities, because it compensates for the lack of light and heat. However, prolonged contemplation of reds and burgundy hues can cause anxiety.

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