Height can be determined by voice

Do you all know about the voice and its connection with the growth of a person. It would seem, and what kind of connection can be, and whether there is any at all. Yes, there is, very close, - proved the Washington professors.

American acoustics professionals from the Washington Institute in St. Louis have discovered an interesting connection between the voice and the height of a person. Now scientists, in the absence of special devices, can actually accurately determine the growth of the speaker.

During the tests, the subjects were asked to listen to the voices of various people and to establish which of the speakers is higher. It was found that people without special training managed to guess in 63% of cases.

Probably, with proper training and the availability of the required knowledge in this area, the hit rate would be significantly higher.

Researcher John Morton explains this case with resonances in the throat cavity, which are not the same in people with short and tall stature. Experts believe that this depends on some component of the sound of the human voice, which, in turn, depends on the size of the larynx.

An excellent and interesting discovery, thanks to which it is easy to determine the height of a person. It will not be possible to determine 100%, but 80% is quite realistic. This is an interesting fact.

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