What is the astral world? (Small article)

You can often hear cases that waking up from a coma, someone began to see the future, or some Mr. Brown began talking to the dead after clinical death. Experts say that all these people managed to visit the astral world.

The physical body cannot enter the astral world, but the soul can. When the work of the physical body is disrupted, the soul leaves it and can travel long distances, see what is happening around, but not influence it in any way. Upon awakening, people display the ability to communicate with spirits or foresight.

There are also mediums who can move to the astral world and contact the other world, or observe people.

Not everyone who has been able to overcome clinical death becomes clairvoyant. Also, there are no facts confirming the connection between the appearance of these abilities and the experienced states. No detailed research has yet been carried out on this topic, otherwise some light would have shed on this supernatural mystery of our consciousness.

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