Smartphones will be smarter than us by 2017

Intelligent electronics have long gone beyond science fiction stories and come dangerously close to humans. Analyst firm Gartner warns that the future is much closer than we imagine.

“Smartphones are getting smarter every year, and by 2017 they will be smarter than you. If there are traffic jams, the device will wake you up ahead of time so that you are not late for a meeting with your boss, or send an apology message if it’s a meeting with colleagues. The smartphone will examine the calendar, information from sensors, the user's location and his personal data, - says the vice president of Gartner Carolina Milanese. "

The smartphone will predict your actions based on the data it has. This will be possible thanks to the so-called technique of conscious computing. Most of the tasks will be done automatically.

"Apps will learn to guess the wants and needs of the user by collecting and analyzing the right data in real time, - Milanese."

First, smartphones will perform routine tasks tied to the calendar - for example, putting a car for a technical inspection or sending congratulatory messages. As they develop, they will learn how to respond to emails and order travel tickets.

But this does not mean that smartphones will become smarter than their owners in the truest sense of the word. They will simply have access to large amounts of data, which they will study diligently. And this is if users agree to provide them with personal information.

"For many years, mobile phones have served as a reliable means of communication with other people. They have changed the way other electronic devices - from personal computers to televisions. The era of cloud computing has opened up access to a large amount of information. Over the next five years, devices will use personal data. to improve the quality of our lives, she adds.