Does the soul exist? (Interesting article reasoning)

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Now let's move on to the article itself: Hypothetically, everyone believes that there is a soul, but no one has ever seen it. Experts from Harvard explained why those who have experienced clinical death often see dark long tunnels, where there is light at the end, and their relatives who have died long ago.

Scientists believe that the soul lives in a structure called "microtubes" (a plexus of a complex neuro-chain that serves as a constant transporter of emotions). Microtubes are located in the cerebral cortex and perform the function assigned to them by nature. They tend to retain information about a person's daily life. Previously it was argued that all unconscious leads are hallucinations that are caused by the death of nerve cells, which occurs due to a lack of oxygen.

Explaining that people see tunnels at clinical death can be explained using quantum physics, where there is an effect of gravity that occurs in micropipes. In this process, the soul is gradually torn away from the body and reunited with the universe.

Dr. Hameroff, a neuropsychology scientist at Harvard, says that such mental movement is associated with the loss of microtubes of a quantum state. But the information available in them does not disappear and is not lost, but moves into space in anticipation of a new reincarnation.