Talking urinals fight drunk drivers

In the USA, they came up with an original method of fighting drunkenness while driving. In the state of Michigan, an experiment was started, which, according to the authors of this unusual idea, will lead to a significant reduction in road accidents caused by dull drivers. In several city bars and restaurants, there are piscuars that react to the smell of alcohol. In this case, they start a heart-warming conversation with a drunk person and persuade the driver not to get drunk on the wheel.

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With a pleasant female voice, the pissoir will remind the driver that his relatives and friends are waiting for him and therefore he must get home alive and healthy. In the quality of possible options, the urinal will suggest the drunk driver to call a trifling product or use the services of a taxi. The urinal begins to talk to drunk people thanks to a device that, after a sensor signal, turns on the recorded audio recording.