Oxford decided to deal with Bigfoot

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Brian Sykes, a professor at Oxford University, is haunted by Bigfoot, so he decided that modern advances in science and technology will help to understand this situation. Thanks to the latest analytical techniques, the remains of this creature named Yeti can be examined.

Prior to this, a Belgian named Bernard Eyvelmans was engaged in research, but he died in 2001. After him, there was a rather weighty base with various evidence obtained over fifty years from different parts of the world about this mysterious creature. Some organic remains of the Yeti have also been found. Also, this man was the founder of a science called cryptozoology.

The British intend to do a genetic analysis of organic samples, so they have already asked for the available material. After that, it will become clear whether the Yeti can be Neanderthals who have survived to our days or not.