10 novels where the protagonist is "The Ideal Man"!

10 novels where the protagonist is "The Ideal Man"! This selection will be of interest to girls who are looking for their ideal man and may learn a couple more interesting properties)

1. Chuck Palahniuk - Fight Club

Chuck Palahniuk lives in Portland, Oregon. Peru owns four novels. Before us is Palahniuk's debut in literature. "Fight Club", A kind of manifesto of "angry young people" of our time ...

This is the most amazing and most scandalous book of the 1990s.

The book, in which the mouth of Chuck Palahniuk spoke not only of "generation X", but - "generation X" is already embittered, has already lost its last illusions.

2. Anna Gavalda - "Just Together"

Anna Gavalda is one of the most widely read authors in the world. She is called "the star of French literature", "the new Françoise Sagan", "gentle Houellebecq", "literary phenomenon" and "the main French sensation." Her books, which have conquered millions of readers, are translated into dozens of languages, awarded with a whole constellation of awards, performances are staged and films based on them.

The novel "Just Together" is a wise and light book about love and loneliness, about life, about happiness. This amazing story, telling in simple words about the main thing, formed the basis of the film of the same name by Claude Berry with Audrey Tautou in the title role (2007).

3. Yulian Semenov - "Seventeen Moments of Spring"

Yu. Semenov's novel tells about the last days of the Great Patriotic War. Its hero - the Soviet intelligence officer Isaev, who penetrated into Hitler's lair, in the most difficult conditions prevents the collusion of Hitler's generals with representatives of the allied forces.

4. Alexandre Dumas - "The Count of Monte Cristo"

The Count of Monte Cristo is one of the most gripping novels by the immortal classic of French literature, Alexandre Dumas (1802-1870). A fascinating plot, liveliness of presentation, inexhaustible invention, cheerful humor, brilliant, witty dialogues, memorable characters have made this book one of the most beloved and entertaining for many generations of readers.

5. Ethel Lilian Voynich - "The Gadfly"

There are many extraordinary events in the fate of the romantic young man Arthur Burton - the mystery of birth, betrayal of loved ones, staged suicide, tragic unrequited love carried through all his life. The novel `The Gadfly` by E.L. Voynich has been exciting for many generations of readers for a whole century.

6. Colin McCullough - The Thorn Birds

A love story raised to the level of real literature.

A touching story of the relationship of lovers, fascinating the reader with its sincerity, purity and depth ...

7. Veneamin Kaverin - "Two Captains"

Veniamin Kaverin recalled that the creation of the novel "Two Captains" began with his meeting with a young geneticist Mikhail Lobashev, which took place in a sanatorium near Leningrad in the mid-thirties. “This was a man in whom ardor was combined with straightforwardness, and perseverance with an amazing definiteness of purpose, ” the writer recalled. "He knew how to achieve success in any business." Lobashev told Kaverin about his childhood, a strange dumbness in his early years, orphanhood, homelessness, a commune school in Tashkent and how he later managed to enter the university and become a scientist. Another prototype of the protagonist was the military fighter pilot Samuil Klebanov, who died heroically in 1943. He initiated the writer into the secrets of flight skills.

8. Mikhail Lermantov - "Hero of Our Time"

The novel "A Hero of Our Time" is one of the pinnacles of Russian prose of the first half of the 19th century. Perceived by Lermontov's contemporaries as "strange", the novel encourages more and more generations of readers to seek solutions to its riddles.

9. Anne Rice - "Vampire Lestat"

This is the confession of Lestat, one of the main characters in The Vampire Chronicles. His answer to the book, which is based on an interview given by another vampire, his former partner Louis. This story will reveal to you Lestat from a completely different side than he was depicted in the book "Interview with the Vampire"; will allow you to find out about his feelings, views, aspirations and the reasons for his actions. This is a story about Lestat's life while still a man, about his death and life in a new capacity. In parallel, the book delves deeper into the history and characters of other vampires.

10. Anne and Serge Golon - "Angelica"

The novel "Angelica" is the first part of the famous historical and adventurous epic about the dizzying adventures of Angelica de Sanse de Montelo, the beautiful conqueror of hearts, and her capricious fate full of treacherous surprises ...