Why did the Neanderthals die out? (Article)

It seems that the answer has been found - the Neanderthals could not stand the global cooling. But their brains were ten percent larger than Cro-Magnons, but why did they think of sewing clothes out of skins for themselves, while Neanderthals only warmed themselves by a fire?

Historians say that the growth of the Neanderthals was about 160-170 centimeters, they themselves were red and white-skinned, the muscles were highly developed. They were engaged in hunting and gathering, lived in tribal communities and had a clear hierarchy. By the structure of the vocal cords, scientists were able to determine that they could make sounds, which means they also had communication with each other. Their territory of residence was larger than that of the Cro-Magnons. They buried their dead ancestors.

The growth of the Cro-Magnons was 180-190 centimeters, the muscles are less impressive, the limbs are elongated and the occupied territory is less. They hunted with clubs, kept fire and sharpened stones.

In these two types of first people, the skulls were formed in completely different ways, this indicates a different gene pool of these species. There could not be hybrids of these two species either, because they were perceived as enemies, so there could be no question of love affairs.

We are the descendants of the Cro-Magnons. Neanderthals and modern humans have nothing in common.

Why did the weak survive? Because the Cro-Magnons were better able to adapt to living conditions, and the Neanderthals were too spoiled by life, so they themselves could not think of anything.

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