Why do bees suffer from environmental degradation?

Why do bees suffer from environmental degradation? The fact that our ecology of our planet is rapidly deteriorating is no secret to anyone. In this regard, the number of bees has dropped sharply. Scientists began to look for the answer and found it.

Entomologist H. Eroll from Australia in his work described a seemingly very unusual phenomenon that takes place on all continents. The scientist found such bees that lay on the ground and did not show any vital signs. Later, in the laboratory, he examined them in detail and realized that they were not dead, but simply sleeping in a very deep sleep. At the same time, they are in a state of alcoholic intoxication. And it all happened because of the fermented nectar.

And since there are guards in each hive, watching their inhabitants and sniffing them, they, apparently, were not allowed in and they had to spend the night anywhere - in the grass. The insects died not from the cold outside, but from ordinary indigestion.

The scientist believes that the sour nectar is a consequence of harmful environmental consequences. The climate is noticeably warmer, the state of the atmosphere is deteriorating. Thanks to all this, the sugar contained in the nectar becomes alcohol poisonous for bees.

And lastly, a little advice for beekeepers who from time to time change the location of their hives and usually these hives have compact cabins that are equipped with everything they need and can be easily transported from place to place.