Women and tooth decay (Medical article)

It is clear when teeth are destroyed during pregnancy in women and girls due to lack of calcium. But what happens when a woman is not expecting a child?

Women love sweets, eat in small portions often, and taste food while it is being prepared. All this only hurts the teeth.

Yes, girls have teeth earlier than boys, which means they begin to deteriorate earlier. Saliva is useful for removing food debris from teeth, and less saliva is produced in women. Estrogen, a female sex hormone, also affects teeth. It causes tooth decay even in animals. Especially a lot of this hormone during puberty and, of course, pregnancy.

During pregnancy, taste preferences change and not in a positive way. Most often, expectant mothers want unhealthy and high-calorie foods rather than healthy ones. The composition of saliva also changes - it becomes less antibacterial. All these and the reasons answer the question: why women have more dental problems than men.

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