What alcoholic drinks are drunk in different countries?

Today, it is more and more difficult to find a person who has not tried and does not consume alcoholic beverages, and by visiting this resource http://polinar.com.ua/help/about_alcoholism/192, you can understand why this is happening.

The fact that the Germans prefer beer, the French - wine, and the Russians - forty-degree white, has been known to everyone for a long time. These traditions have also become entrenched in the minds of many, like the Cologne Cathedral, the Eiffel Tower and Red Square. And what do they drink in other countries?

Arak is Lebanon's favorite drink. This is an oriental vodka of milky color with a blue glow. It is known that Muslims are forbidden to drink alcohol, but Lebanon is half Muslim, so there they enjoy drinking such a drink, diluting it with ice or water.

Fermented beer is drunk in Uganda. This country is the most drinking country in the world, although many people think that it is Russia. The Ugandan beer is called "Ajono" ("Ajono"). They drink it in company with the help of straws from a common barrel.

Residents of Ecuador drink Zhamir "(" Zhamir "), which is considered the strongest drink in the world. After the first sip, it is usually forgotten who you are, where you are, etc. In this regard, only one toast is made. "(" Crystal "), which can intoxicate even the hair on the head.