Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors (Article)

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Now to the text of the article: In 1900, in France, people were shown some properties of mirrors that could mislead the people, distorting reality.

Such crooked mirrors are now used in restaurants. They stretched the bodies of people, and they thought they were slimmer and were not afraid to eat a lot. Fitting shops also began to use this practice. Arriving home, the women noticed that the dress they just bought did not make them slim at all.

The secret lies in the angle of inclination, at which the angle of light reflection also changes. If the mirror is tilted down, then the person will be there with a full torso and short legs, and if tilted up, then the person will be long-legged and thin. It is easy to guess that reality can be seen at right angles.

The Venetian masters used gold to reflect the mirror, which gave softness to the reflected rays. It was very pleasant to look in such a mirror, but the pleasure was too expensive.