Amazing book (Small article)

Often, due to a lack of extra time or laziness, we do not finish reading a book, and it lies on the shelf, completely forgotten. The Argentines decided to fight this problem by inventing such a book, the text of which disappears two months after opening the package.

The Book That Can't Wait is printed in a special way, and when oxygen comes into contact with its ink, it disappears after sixty days.

The packaging of the book is plastic, which protects the text until it is opened. After two months of aging, you will only see a bunch of blank pages. The idea is that if people do not intend to throw money away, they will not put it on the back burner and will definitely read the purchased literature.

The idea is quite creative and will help young authors make their way into the light. Many do not want to write if they have not read it. And so they will know for sure that they will be read. A book like this is good for a gift and won't collect dust.

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