First time. How does IT happen in different countries?

First time. How does IT happen in different countries? - This article lists five countries as five examples.

German youth do not attach importance to the environment, but to the time. Many girls lose their innocence at Oktoberfest, the beer festival.

American girls begin their intimate life from about sixteen years old (from this age it is allowed to drive a car) in the back seat of a boyfriend's car.

In the Czech Republic, the first sex takes place in nature, as well as in very popular summer camps. During the camp period, about forty-five teenagers enter adulthood.

In France, they like to do "it" in the cinema. The age is much later than that of other European neighbors. Often it is the girl who takes the initiative.

In Latin America, everything depends on wealth. The poor can sleep both at home and in a public place, and without hesitation. And better-off girls, under the supervision of their mother, can take such an important step before the wedding only with one hundred percent candidate for husbands.

In India everything is very strict - only on their wedding night.

In Russian-speaking countries, thirty-five percent lose their virginity in university dormitories, about twenty-five percent at home while there is no one there, and ten in friends' apartments. This all happens before the relationship is formalized.

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