New habits in people (Article)

It may take one second or three to four years to develop a habit. Emotional power determines the exact time, which prompts for various actions or accompanies decisions.

If a person wants to lose a few pounds, then he needs to go in for sports and go on a diet. But he takes a long time to decide on this. Only two reasons can induce him - when he falls in love and wants to please, or the weight is such that it threatens health with unpleasant consequences or even death.

The thought of death makes a person immediately stop drinking, go on a diet, and play sports. This is an instinct for self-preservation. Or a strong emotional experience. In this state, such habits can arise that have every chance to persist until the end of life.

The habit of not taking up hot dishes arises instantly and remains forever. One has only to get burned once and feel pain.

Scientists say it takes twenty-one days to get up early or go to bed on schedule. After this period, the habit can be developed.

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