Canadian Cave Mysteries (Article)

Scientists are looking for a clue to the mystery of a deep-sea mine in Canada, at the bottom of which they found a water pocket at a depth of two and a half kilometers. Its age is approximately 2.6 billion years. For a long time it was isolated from the external environment (about two billion years). And it appeared long before the formation of cellular life on Earth.

The high level of hydrogen and methane indicates that there is a high probability of the existence of living organisms in the water, but so far they have not been detected. Scientists guarantee that the water in the pocket did not come into contact with the cave air, because it contains many isotopes of noble metals.

Research on this topic can answer many questions related to the formation of life on Earth, and will also allow you to know for sure about the environment in distant times. Also, this water analysis can be very significant for those who prove that life exists on Mars. This is because if scientists discover any life in this place, then the possibility of such a formation on another planet will be very high.

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