The deepest secrets of the Mediterranean boggle the imagination

The recent discovery of Italian physicists shocked many: at a depth of three kilometers in the seas, underwater eddies of a gigantic scale are raging, about which no one knew anything before this discovery. These eddies are up to ten kilometers in diameter. They can travel hundreds of kilometers while maintaining speed and energy.

The discovery of the giant whirlpools was not planned, but happened by accident. Scientists were looking for a place for a neutrino observatory at a depth so that it would be possible to fix high-energy cosmic particles there. To do this, the Italians immersed themselves in water and studied the temperature and speed of the underwater currents. What the devices and equipment from showed, at first caused surprise, then shock. This is how we found out about the presence of gigantic underwater eddies that wander at a distance of one hundred kilometers or more.

Scientists believe that these eddies originate from the eastern Mediterranean. They appear as a result of sharp temperature changes in water, as well as the speed of currents in the Aegean and Adriatic seas.