Why is French manicure so called?

Women believe that the most natural and feminine is the French manicure. The edges of the nails are neatly covered with white varnish, on top of which the entire nail is painted with a pale pink varnish with a glossy shine. The interesting thing is that this embodiment of sophistication is not from France at all, but from the United States.

The parent of this manicure technique is Jeff Pink, who founded a company called Orly. He invented this way to paint nails for Hollywood actresses. This was convenient due to the fact that women often changed their summer dresses, so for a long time stylists had to repaint their nails in a color consonant with the clothes. Nails from such a frequent change of varnishes deteriorated, and the mood too. And Jeff, at the request of one of the directors, created a universal manicure that fits any dress. At the same time, the nails look well-groomed, neat and elegant.

And French manicure became because one model from France saw Jeff's technique, which delighted her and began to paint her nails only in this way. Later, she glorified this manicure throughout Europe, at the same time giving him her citizenship.