Women's bag turned out to be dirtier than the toilet

A British organization called Initial Washroom Hygiene said there were more microorganisms in a woman's bag than in a toilet. When checked, it turned out that every fifth bag carries such bacteria that pose a very real threat to health. The records for the accumulation of dirt in the bag were broken by hand cream. The seemingly harmless tube contains the most bacilli. This is followed by lipstick and mascara.

The most dangerous are bags made of leather, because their porous structure is good for the growth of bacteria. Experts say women need to wash their hands more often and also clean their bags with a special antibacterial agent.

In addition to bags, kitchens are also dirty, especially work surfaces. The bacteria did not pass by the side and dryers.

And it's no secret that various computer accessories - mouse, keyboard, monitors - are very dirty in terms of bacteria reproduction. As well as telephones.

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