Clean ponds weren't always clean

At the moment, clean ponds cannot be called clean, and even before they had a completely different name. The ecology in this area has become very bad.

The location of the ponds is the very top of a gentle hill. Usually in such a landscape there are swamps, from which small rivers originate. Here, too, streams flowed into a river called Rachka, which flowed into the Moskva River.

Over time, the area began to settle down, the swamps began to dry out. The crustacean was soon crossed by the wall of the White City, a lowland formed, and then a pond appeared in it. He absorbed all the sewage and waste into himself. The water smelled very much, for which it was given the name Pogany Pond, which lasted until the end of the seventeenth century. Prince Menshikov cleared it by buying the land on which it was located. He forbade contaminating the water in any way and monitored it carefully. From that moment on, it was renamed to its current name.

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