What was the attitude to the birth of twins in ancient times?

The birth of twins is quite common. The encyclopedic dictionary shows that the birth of twins falls on eighty - eighty-five births with one child. People, of course, do not see anything wrong in this process. But this has not been the case at all times. If you look into history, you can find out about a different attitude towards twins.

If twins were born in ancient times, then this could be interpreted as an ominous sign. Among the peoples for living in Nigeria, a pair of identical children was considered a pure evil, which was neutralized by throwing away food, water, and fuel that was in the house at the time of birth. And the Cocopa tribes from North America killed the girl at the birth of heterosexual twins. And with same-sex people, they communicated very respectfully and tenderly, believing that this is a message from the gods.

The Saliva tribe living in Venezuela believed that twins could come from only two different fathers, and therefore the woman who gave birth to them was beaten with a whip for "treason". In areas of Uganda, twins were on a par with wild animals. They were not killed, but given to soldiers for education, because they believed that those born as a couple were fearless and could defeat any enemy in battle.

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